Is there a gray bar hotel in your future?

It seems inevitable that the Obama administration and their vow of transparency would cause many once tight-lipped career government workers to feel free to disclose some of the darkest secrets of the Bush-Cheney years.

The enormity of the your crimes are slowly coming to light. Even a lowly weed can push aside tons of concrete towards the light on a busy New York sidewalk. And so the details of many of your crimes are pushing through eight years of stonewalling the public's right to know.

Congressional democrats are having a tough time avoiding the creation of a Truth Commission to uncover the extent of potential anti-constutional and illegal activities of your administration. It is not something that many democrats are looking forward to. Some democrats just want to move on but others need to see justice and won't let it go.

The people who mastered the heavy politicization of every aspect of your presidency are now poised to rewrite and conflate history to make you look like a competent leader of state.

This army of Bush acolytes and apologists have a significant amount of work to create sufficient fictional accounts for the public and for new Bush Library to recast your position as one of the worst presidents in our history.

Your place in history has already been sealed as one of the worst presidents in american history even before the glaring light provided by Obama's administration. Your torture-gate, wiretap gate, Katrina-gate, Iraq war-gate, and now Cheney's personal assassination squads.

Investigative reporter Seymore Hersh dropped a bombshell on an audience during a "Great Conversations" event this last Monday at the University of Minnesota that a special military unit called Task Force 12, was assigned specifically to Vice-president Cheney for the sole purpose of assassinating targets in a number of countries without any oversight by the Congress, the CIA, or the State Department.

If there is any corroborating evidence that this murder squad really existed during the Bush years, you and Cheney will officially be named as war criminals.

If that happens the Bush-team in charge of changing history may make history themselves as co-conspirators in obstructing justice while the courts investigate you and Cheney for committing multiple murders in different countries.

You could have a mass reunion in an international court and perhaps share a large cell with all of them afterwards.