American Terrorism and the Bush administration

Mr. President

Two recent events put in juxtaposition begs the question, 'How much responsibility should you bear for the recent murders of church members and for future crimes to be committed by intolerant low-information Americans?'

American terrorist, Jim D. Adkisson, an unemployed man, recently shot and killed several Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church members because he believed they were too liberal. I don't think it was a coincidence that he was an avid reader of Hannity, Riley and Savage's books.

Imagine that, a right-wing-talk-radio-listener decides to shoot up the people those hate-talk hosts claim, is the reason for all his ills. Who knew hate-radio had listeners who would act on what they hear?

Imagine the irony of the situation. This home-grown terrorist was receiving food stamps which came to fruition because of the efforts of liberal lawmakers, chose to kill people because they were too liberal.

The second bit of news that caught my eye occurred on MSNBC's Hardball.

Scott McClellan admitted to Chris Matthews that the White Houses talking points were routinely directly to Americas through Fox News.

Although this is not surprising to most people, does this White House tie-in make your administration complicit in these murders?

Don't you think that enabling hate-radio would have consequences?

How many more people are out there, in this desperate economy which you helped create, armed and ready to take out their frustration on the people these hate radio people tell them are responsible for their ills.

You had already performed a yeoman's job of polarizing the country in order to win elections before the economy became so dire.

People are losing their homes, health-care benefits, jobs, and their dignity.

The bad luck in their lives is not their fault, it is caused by ACLU members, elitists, Muslims, French, gays, blacks immigrants, liberals, feminists and Democrats in general. And they are told that their peace and status quo can only be achievable if all the 'bad' people can be either deported, contained, or killed.

If the personal fortune of average Americans does not soon improve the nation could become a tinderbox while right-wing-talk hosts paint the targets for them.

By supporting Fox news, a hateful, race-baiting organization, don't you think somebody somewhere is going to take their unabashed links with your administration as government supported hate?

What will the ultimate body count be in this unpublished uncivil civil war you have helped initiate?

After you finally leave office, lets not forget to tally these deaths along with Iraqi and American soldier deaths you have already chalked up.

Date: July 30, 2008 2:01:40 AM CDT
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