If it bleeds it don't lead anymore.

Mr. President,
Before I forget, congratulations on your 62nd birthday and achieving over six decades of living in delusion.

But you couldn't have done it by yourself. You have had lots of help along the way including a compliant press.

Most but not all media news organizations agreed that they were negligent during the run-up to your invasion of Iraq. For example, ABC news anchor Charles Gibson said he would not do anything differently and FOX has still to acknowledge that Iraq does not have WMD.

After most media outlets agreed that they did not question your march to a needless war, they have fallen into the same pattern of non-reporting as they fail to report the ongoing war in Iraq and the resurgent Taliban and Al Queada.

Despite seven years of record-breaking military expenditures, thousands of tons of expended explosives, billions of bullets, 4115 dead American soldiers, and enough Iraqi tears to fill a sea, we are at a stalemate in Afghanistan with the very people who actually caused the attack on 9-11 and we have made Iraq a nation of rublle and graves.

It is not so much the journalists themselves who have given in, there have been more journalists killed in Iraq than in any other war. The deaths of these journalists in your war and the ongoing story in Iraq are being filed under don't care by their news organizations.

Why they don't care is curious, but with an ever-shrinking number of news outlets left after so many independent outlets were absorbed by large news conglomerations that's just the way it is.

So when a large news media, lets say FOX, decides they know what is best for the nation and slant the news they provide to solely support the Republican party, they become a major force in warping the news.

It is one thing for FOX to betray our democracy, but the rest of the media has said nothing as the GOP machine is allowed to sell their propaganda unchallenged. Such is the case when Republican pundits have recently claimed the surge in Iraq is a success without any qualification.

Lets face it; anytime a political machine can showcase a man like yourself, lacking in so many ways, and buffalo an entire country into believing he could be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth; there is something seriously wrong.

Our news media are supposed to be an important element of our democratic process. They have been entrusted by the founders to provide us with information to help us guide the democratic process.

How does news about spoiled rich girls acting out help us accomplish that? Why not use the airwaves to cover alien baby births and take over the supermarket tabloids completely?

I had hopes that when many members of the media finally accepted the criticism of rolling over at the onset to your war they would keep a closer eye on future attempts to hide the truth. I was wrong.

If it bleeds it may lead, but it won't play if it don't pay. The news division has to turn a profit which means that the news can't offend, or the advertisers may take their business somewhere else. And the truth is often offensive to many people.

Letting you slide has become a national pastime for news organizations.

For example, the goal for the surge was to provide the Iraqis some time to establish democratic reforms, and yet the overwhelming majority of reforms were not addressed. And yet it is communicated in the media as a complete success.

Are Americans falling for it? I am not sure since the election, and the economy have now taken center stage so Iraq has been placed on the back burner.

Politics has little to do with truth-telling. The surge is working according to John McCain so rather than argue that the surge is NOT working Obama may say that since the surge is working we can remove our troops from Iraq.

For better or worse, the internet and bloggers may be all we have left to pursue the truth and to keep our public officials honest.

How sad is that.

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