Everything is turning up Obama

Mr. President,
Who knew that an enlightened Democratic presidential candidate was all it took to get you to reverse yourself on so many foreign issues.

Suddenly, Obama's proposed foreign policy has migrated onto your agenda.

First, I am sorry that I have not written in a while. I screwed up my right arm, and I had to learn how to use my left arm instead. I had a heck-of-a-time trying to cook, eat, and everything else with my left hand. I am feeling much better after taking some prescribed medication and a couple of rounds of physical therapy.

These are some of the mantras you have spewed on the American air waves.

"The United States will never talk directly with Iran unless it dismantles its nuclear program,"" America will not provide any aid to North Korea until they dismantled their nuclear program." The other Bushisms we heard was "free markets can only operate without government interference. Then there is the ever-famous "We will never put a time line on removing our troops from Iraq." And then there was also, "Iraq not Afghanistan is the center on terrorism."

So What happened?

Since Obama espoused a change in foreign policy which is just the opposite of what you have pursued, you have sent State Department officials to speak with Iran, provided food aid to North Korea, bailed out Bears and Stearns, and now talk about "time horizon" for removing troops from Iraq and have sent more troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Have we entered Bizzaro World, in a different dimension where people take on opposite behaviors?

Suddenly Obama's policies are worth copying. Attempting to steal Obama's thunder may somewhat blunt his attack on your policies but it leaves McCain out in the cold and it also shows how you continue to play politics with Americas safety up to the last minute you remain in office.

The internet blogs and late-night comedians are having a ball with all of this of course. The material just rights itself.

I wonder if many comedians are hoping that McCain will win the presidency. News reporter have already begun to frame McCain's forgetfulness, ignorance of geography, flip-flopping on issues and recreating history as cute.

Talk about lowering the bar.

Eight years of watching your brain slowly deteriorate from past drug and alcohol abuse, has been torturous as we see you fumble, and guffaw your way through the English language. While you look dumb, Americans that voted for you looked dumber by comparison. No wonder the world in general have looked down on our nation and have demonstrated severe qualms about joining us in any serious endeavor.

Now John MCain is following in your footsteps although at a slower gait. He looks like the irrepressible grandfather who forgets what he said yesterday who is quick to yell at kids to get off his lawn. The sad thing is that most Americans are still stupid enough to fall for the adorable senile grandfather figure who asks you to pull his finger.

He has you to thank for that.

For the last eight years your apologists have overlooked your, poorly-timed guffaws, aberrant behavior around world leaders, unsurpassed ignorance and repeated mangling of English language as cute. You have made dumb cute in an age when education has never been more important.

This is in line with the Republican party who seems to want to keep the White House as a home for dolts, and simpletons.

While you claimed to never read, McCain exclaims, he knows very little about the economy at a time when the economy is in such dire shape. You and McCain are like peas and carrots with the IQs of 8th graders.

I recently read that the ex-rebel leader who served as vice-president of Congo was arrested near Brussels, Belgium on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity according to the International Criminal Court. And Radovan Karadzic the former Bosnian Serb leader was arrested after hiding for 13 years. He is also indicted for war crimes.

It took a few years before these murderers were captured. They will soon to be tried for their war crimes.

You better tell David Addington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Alberto Gonzalez and everyone else associated with Abu Gharib, extraordinary rendition and the Iraq invasion that the world's justice may visit them in the near future.

Have you ever thought about growing a mustache?

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