Feb 2006

What is wrong with Condi?

Mr. President,
What the Sam Hill is Condi doing? I heard she exercised before TV cameras on WRC's morning show! What was that supposed to prove? Jesuz junior, you're in deeper than a summer tick with problems! How exactly does having your Secretary of State doing leg lifts on TV help you?

You seem to have quite a following. Tens of thousands of Indians, (no junior, not wild west Indians), were waving flags and shouting "Death to Bush!" yesterday in New Delhi to protest your upcoming visit. One senior police officer in charge of crowd control estimated the crowd to be around 100,000 people.

I guess you can brush them off like you have with so many other crowds that protest against you; refer to them as merely "focus groups" and chuckle. I can't even guess how many will show up when you actually arrive.

Doesn't it kind of tick you off junior, that Clinton is able to walk around almost anywhere in the world without a small army all around him.

Mr. "Locked and seriously Loaded" vice-president was valiantly trying to defend your mis-management of VA funding yesterday. He used the politician's standard line to end the conversation with the American Legion's members at their annual Washington meeting, by thanking them for their advice.
Does he think everyone is as malleable as those Texas policemen from Kenedy County?

I am so happy to see you stick to your guns and exclaim that you will veto any attempt to mess up the port sale to arabs. I would have been disappointed if you had waited for the investigation to be completed. There are so many people that just have to stick their nose into other people's business.

Especially when you know in your heart you are right even without any mandated investigation. An investigation just gives politicians an opportunity to interfere.

The people just have to TRUST you junior. You are the President damn it!

Today's war is like no other so you should have unrestricted powers to deal with it.

Congress is just a millstone, the Constitution is quaint, and the Bill of Rights only apply in peace time. Everybody should understand that.

Make them understand junior. If Rove can't twist enough arms in Congress during the next few weeks, veto it like you promised.

Show them you don't need Congressional oversight. Show them who is really running the show junior and show the country how delusional and dangerous you have really become.