Feb 2006

It's always something junior.

Mr. President,
Yesterday's quote from Republican Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho, was quite wrong when he said "I don't think he was well served on the port issue by the bureaucracy."
While Libby may be the appetizer for the courts, you are being served up as the main course junior.
Impeachment is no longer just the howl of left-winng madmen yelling into the wind, it is a movement that is taking root with in the grasslands of the midwest and in other parts of the country.

If it's not about no WMD in Iraq It's Katrina.

If its not Katrina it's illegal NSA spying.

If it's not NSA spying it's Abu Gharib.

If its not Abu Gharib spying it's Cheney shooting his hunting partner.

If it's not Cheney shooting his hunting partner it's keeping the shooting secret.

If it's not trying to keep the shooting secret it's holding people without trials at Guantanimo.

If it's not holding trials at Guantanimo it's torturing suspects at Guantanimo.

If it's not torturing suspects at Guantanimo it's flying suspects around and torturing them.

If it's not flying suspects around the world and torturing them it's the Medicare fiasco.

If its not Medicare fiasco it's selling our ports to the Arabs.

If it's not selling Ports to the Arabs it's your major fundraiser Abramoff.

If it's your major fundraiser Abramoff its allowing illegal immigrants in to take American jobs.

If it's not opening the country to illegals its giving American jobs to China and India.

If it's not sending our jobs overseas its the cost of gas.

If it's not the cost of gas it's Scooter exposing CIA spys.

If it's not Scooter exposing CIA spys it's potential for all out civil war in Iraq.

Where will it stop junior? Where will it stop? Your rating is already at an all time low.

Oh Noe!
One more big monied Republican fund raiser may soon be someone's bitch. Tom Noe from Ohio has been indicted on 53 state felony counts of theft, corruption and money laundering.Noe could be sentenced to 172 1/2 years in prison. Don't these charges sounds familiar familiar? It seems like corruption and money laundering has become a hallmark for Republcans these days? Ask Democrats when they had their day of bathing in money. It hurts when you get caught.

Was Mr. "Locked and Seriously Loaded" Cheney back in Wyoming recently junior? A law was recently proposed before the State legislature called Senate File 79 that would allow hunters to carry automatic weapons such as machine guns into the woods, and allow the use of silencers on guns.
It makes so much sense to use silencers. You won't spook the other animals or disturb the neighbors.
I don't think the law has much of a chance to pass but I admire the way they think in Wyoming and it explains a lot about Cheney.

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