Feb 2006

I hear a passel of snakes hissing junior.

Mr. President,
Did you ever go out walking on the ranch and suddenly find yourself in a pit full of rattle snakes junior? I think I hear those snakes hissing.

The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee disclosed legislation to create one of those items you had on your to-do list; a temporary guest worker program.
If this passes as it is drafted right now, foreigners will be able to work in the U.S. for up to six years.
Conservatives say it makes a joke out of our border security laws and rewards criminals.

The A.F.L.-C.I.O. says the guest worker program would keep wages low and there would be no incentive for employers to improve or maintain good working conditions. They also say it will create a perpetual underclass of foreign workers; "Millions of people won't get a chance to claim residency."

This looks like the "UAE dock" issue to me. Did a sheik contribute $1 million to your Library foundation to support this one too

It is another no-brainer for Republicans and Democrats to vote against it. This proposed legislation provides cover for Republicans as they distance themselves against you. When Democrats complain it will be easy to label them as anti-homeland security/pro terrorists. It would also be easy for Republicans to claim that Democrats are racists who do not want to allow Hispanic immigrants to enter the country.

South Dakota's abortion issue should bring back more conservatives even if you can't get it to the Supreme Court in time for the November elections. Conservatives will weigh in heavily if they are made to believe Democrats can somehow derail Republicans efforts to overturning Roe. Democrats are stuck. They can't afford to ignore the issue.

Will "Lap Boy" Blair ever learn that he has ceased to be useful. He can't deliver anything useful anymore right?

So I am not surprised that his recent pleading fell on deaf ears when you refused to proceed with a $2.4 Billion contract with Rolls-Royce and General Electric to develop a second engine for the new Joint-Strike Fighter.

Did he say pretty please with a cherry on top?

What ever he said didn't work very well. You decided to allow Pratt & Whitney to have the contract, thereby allowing them a monopoly on military engines for the next few decades. My only question is who took Abramoff's place to get that decision made? And who did you select to sit on the Board of Directors at Pratt & Whitney?

Other Europeans are also a tad upset at you again. They don't appreciate having their citizens kidnapped and sent away to be tortured without their consent anyway.
Germany and Italy both have their panties in a bunch over it.
Kha;ed al-Masari a 42-year old German was kidnapped from a street in Macedonia, tortured for five months and then released in 2004.
And an Italian judge actually ordered the arrest of 13 CIA agents involved in kidnapping and torture of Osama Moustafa Nasr from the streets of Milan in 2003.

As king-of-the-world, I wouldn't worry much about it. You can lie back and cozy up on your sofa like a tick on a hound dog. They can't touch you junior. It's not as if you can be brought before a UN tribunal at the Hague, for war crimes. That only happens to people like Milosevic for crimes against humanity.

Your invasion of a sovereign country was to help them form a government like yours. It wasn't to just destroy the country and kill thousands of people. Yes, some innocent people have died but you can't make mayonnaise without breaking a few eggs right junior.

This is entirely different because you can say you had good intentions. I guess thousands of Iraqi's just died because of bad information. And of course the ends justify the means. Oh, and oil had nothing to do with it.

Just wait junior, the Mideast will soon explode with democracy and freedom.

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