Palestinian territories

And we call this progress?

Mr. President,
Besides, your comical mangling of the English language, your actions have given some words like "democracy and “diplomacy” the patina of a dirty word.

Because the United States has been the lone superpower, it’s only normal for many nations to take their que, or at least use your platform of fear-mongering to justify their own repressive activities. Their real reasons are no-doubt as varied as your justifications for war.

While your real reasons for invading Iraq are under constant debate; your “public” rational for war set up the premise to forego diplomacy and years of established protocols when you decided to preemptively invade Iraq. Other nations adjusted their foreign policy with yours.

Israel was one of the first countries to use the “Bush” philosophy to “wall in” the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They played the terrorist card to cut off fuel, electricity, and water to the Palestinians. They used the same cards to strafe the Palestinians at will.

Israel’s latest outrage involves a new policy which has created a
bitch of a time for the Palestinian Americans who live in the territories. They are told they need a new visa. If they leave the Palestinian territories to get the new three-month visa stamp, they may not be allowed back. If they stay, their current Israeli visas will expire. Many say their previous applications for formal residency in the Palestinian territories were rejected by Israel or conveniently lost them in the system. Many Palestinians believe Israel is doing this as another way to retaliate against them for electing Hamas members to their government. You and Israel have shown your support for democratic institutions in the Mid East as long as they elect leaders you approve of.

Many people want to blame you for everything that goes wrong, but the tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians were there before you were the president; the area has been a a tinderbox for decades.

But, your lack of effort in trying to solve this root problem in the Mid East, plus your well-received approach to foreign policy by the war-hawks in Israel, set the Palestine territories ablaze. The repercussions from this alone helped spark a major recruitment drive for radical Islamists.

The recruitment drive for more anti-American insurgents followed your unwarranted invasion of Iraq. The ensuing disastrous military operations were like rocket boosters that pushed many Muslims to drop their studies, pick up assault rifles, and improvise explosive devises to drive out the infidels. And so your war plods on. The bloody scythe of violence continues to swing away, cutting down thousands of Iraqis and our young American soldiers like so much wheat in hellish field over your precious oil reserves.

There is no let up but the war has finally turned the corner everyone kept talking about; it is now grown into a civil war. The Sunni leadership in Saudi Arabia is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. The constant violence has prompted Saudi Arabia to
build a fence along the 560 mile border with Iraq to keep the violence and the refugees at bay.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country that wants to keep the people from an axis of evil country away from their country.

China has also
begun building a huge barbed wire and concrete fence along its border with North Korea.
tens of thousands of refugees began trickling across the border into northeast China for a while now as life became tougher and tougher. China expects thousands of North Koreans refugees to trek across the Yalu and Tumen rivers after you and the UN impose stricter sanctions. According to a Sun Times article, a local farmer claimed that soldiers began putting up the fence near his farm on the same day that N. Korea claimed to set off their nuclear bomb test.

I can’t imagine why N.Korea would want to show the world
they have nuclear weapons? Israel didn’t brag about it when they covertly build their nuclear weapons. My guess is that they were baring their teeth at you junior; to show they are not a toothless tiger like Iraq. They actually HAVE weapons of mass destruction.

Back home in the good old USA, you also got into the fence building business when you recently
signed a law that will pay for hundreds of miles of new fence along the U.S. Mexico border just to appease western Republican lawmakers running for re-election. Vincente Fox, Mexico’s outgoing president and Felipe Calderon the new president have both complained to you about the new fence and your broken promise to set up a guest worker program and turning your back on millions of immigrants who made the mistake of looking for a better life as they worked in the shadows for generations.

America always had a "tolerate-hate" policy towards illegal immigrants because they served a purpose in the agricultural business world. They worked cheaply, around hazardous pesticides, with no legal recourse or protections.

Many may have been paid under the table but they could not escape the local taxes attached to all the goods and services they paid for which boosted the state and local economies for years.

Now, you have symbolized how compassionate America really is towards their plight of those living in the twilight world where sons and daughters may be born on American soil but they themselves, regardless of how many decades they lived here, are on the cusp of being loaded on INS wagon back to their home countries, leaving their homes, their jobs, their families behind. Racist Americans point to any and all incidents involving Hispanics to paint the whole race in hues of crime and thievery, who steal American jobs and threaten to infect American culture.

Its a complicated problem for sure.

Since you inadvertently boosted the recruitment of people that want to strike out at the United States we need to have secure borders more than ever. But how do we address the existing issue of dealing with undocumented immigrants living in our country who have filled a need in our economy for almost a century?

Should we pay for the sins of past government administrations because they looked the other way as immigrants travel across the Rio Grande at will?

The political hell-hole you dug the last five years for the Republican Party forced you to support vigilante, militia extremists agenda. The wall you approved of and the National Guard you sent set a policy which is leaving millions of undocumented worker's families, composed of Hispanic and American nationalities, in limbo.

Several cities and states have chosen to look at this as a "black or white", "with us or against us" issue. I wonder where people across the nation got that notion that everything can be reduced to such simple options?

They taken up the banner and enacted discriminatory measures to either drive out or discourage any assistance to undocumented workers regardless of their situation or record of contribution.

Additional walls and use of our National Guard troops may have seemed like an expedient way of appearing to shore up our porous borders but I'm afraid you made many more enemies than friends. The ripples you made in this pond will reverberate for years.

Building fences and walls have become so fashionable these days it has become this season's “black.”

But doesn't erecting a fence equate to a diplomatic failure?

Doesn’t building a fence give in to a narcissist nationalist xenophobic agenda?

Doesn’t a fence make the people who built it a target of more hatred and future violence?

We hear that globalization is the key to our business survival and yet as nations we want to separate ourselves from people that have a different amount of insoluble pigmentation in their skins, or that speak a different language, or have different religious and cultural traditions.

And yet all of these issues are somehow more tolerable in the global business world. Why?

Does the potential of a monetary reward grease the skids? Does greed allow people to tolerate cultural differences?

Ironic isn’t it; the Berlin wall comes down only to have other walls around the world go up.

And we call this progress?

As a leader of the most powerful nation on earth you set a fine example and you have certainly made your mark, alongside other leaders who destroyed so much as they strove to stubbornly attain their vision of life as they thought it should be.

Date: October 22, 2006 2:30:22 AM CDT

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