GOP assumes responsibility as long as Clinton is around to take the blame.

Mr. President,
All the GOP scandals show that Republicans take on responsibility for their actions like water adheres to a duck's back.

Hastert claimed to take responsibility for Foley's folly by blaming ABC news, Soros and ex-president Clinton.

Obvious to all of us in the real world, Hastert just took a tip from watching you handle your miscalculations and judgement errors, blame someone else, preferably a Clinton.

Beyond the glare of pedaphile-seeking reporters, some notable activities have occurred.

The shadow of conspiracy has again reached the marble steps of the White House itself and Karl Rove's aide, Susan B. Ralston,
suddenly resigned after the Abramoff investigation uncovered her complicity in that ongoing scandal. Ralston worked for Abramoff before joining Karl Rove at the White House.

A colleague of hers claimed," She was a key organizer of presidential events. She will be missed because she solves problems."

I wondered who she called on to solve these "problems?" Who were those "problems," Bush detractors, or nosy reporters? Abramoff's lobbying buddies contacted Ralston 69 times. I am sure Ralston consistently rebuffed her ex-boss's request for no-bid contracts.

The other White House official caught up in the probe was David H. Safavian, the procurement chief for the Office of Management and Budget, who was convicted in June of lying about his ties to Abramoff.

There is of course, another notable White House member caught up in illicit activities. "Scooter" Libby was also charged in the Valerie Plame spy scandal.

He is presently attempting to
deluge the court with sensitive information about nine national security issues, the names, and details about various terrorist groups. He, no doubt, hopes the court will provide Vice President's ex-chief of staff with a premise to throw the case out of court because it would compromise National security to divulge such sensitive information.

If you can convince a judge you need to expose "secret" information in order to properly defend yourself, it is as good as a "get out of jail" free card.

North Korea always wanted to be noticed; now they have the world's attention and you helped junior. You made Kim a star.

There is no way your limited imagination ever considered all the turmoil you have brought to the world.

You have been stumbling along in the dark, with a candle in a dynamite factory. Your limited imagination and ignorance of world affairs served as self-imposed blinders to double your difficulty of navigating among the world's powder kegs.

Your consistent mantra of fear mongering about a dangerous world has finally become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Following in the same theme of avoiding responsibility; even Republican presidential hopeful John McCain found someone other than his Republican-dominated government to
blame for North Korea's nuclear test, ex-president Clinton. Don't laugh he actually said that.

Rocket scientists were not required for Mr. Kim to realize nukes are the only deterrent which would give you pause before invading his country. He has a TV; he saw what you did to fellow "axis member" Saddam Heusein.
It is not the fault of the administration that refused to negotiate with North Korea directly, nope; it has to be Clinton's fault.

As far fetched as that sounds it makes perfect sense when your party has nothing to show but one disaster after another.

Meanwhile, Iraq is not the only country spinning away from your influence. Russia and China recently made international news.

Russia is consolidating its energy resources and refuses to share their resources with the international community. It may be my imagination, but it even looks as though they accelerated their consolidation of energy resources after Cheney charged Putin for using his country's energy as a weapon a few months ago.

Gazprom, Russia's natural gas company, recently
broke off talks with five international companies who were looking to buy a stake in an offshore field in Russia. This is not the first oil venture Russia has shunned nor will it be the last.

In conclusion, I find it fascinating that the world has recognized China as the only major power who can deal with North Korea and has significant influence with Iran as well.

China has come to the fore front in international affairs, leaving the United States just sitting in its own stew. Without a doubt, it has to be Clinton's fault.
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