Was that a root canal or an art performance?

Mr. President,
I just took time to catch up on my Tivo’s selections and saw you at the 29th Annual Kennedy Center Honors show; the phrase “pearls before swine” has never been more appropriate.

The honorees included legitimate theater’s great playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber, world famous conductor, Zubin Mehta, Dolly Parton, Motown’s Smokey Robinson, and storyteller to the world Steven Spielberg. Those elite artists and their peers who came and honored them wasted their time and energy before a President who thinks “My Sharona” is cool and ex-alcoholic George Jones, is a great singer.

You looked as though you were either getting a root canal at the dentist or listening to your father's advisors. Face it junior, you can barely spell art, much less appreciate it. Celebrating the arts like empathy and compassion is an alien Bush concept. You are plainly uncomfortable when you try to display any of those sissy behaviors.

You pride yourself on more manly things like invading and bombing Mid Eastern cities built over our oil reserves. Speaking about the Mid east how’s your “plan for victory”/stay the course/promoting democracy/ disarming Saddam of WMD?

History takes some unusual turns junior. Take England for instance.

Once upon a time when England’s power was at it’s peak, it was once said that the sun never set on the English flag. Today it’s safe to say that the sun never sets on a part of the world where the American flag is NOT openly despised.

Thanks largely to your minion’s efforts, America is in the unenviable position of either having created international crisis or fanned the simmering embers of dissent into full-fledged infernos.

That’s a hell of an achievement junior. Please note; hell is the operative word here junior.

Somalia is the latest hot spot where American-trained Ethiopian troops are fighting Somalian Islamists. Some of your notable diplomatic disasters besides Iraq and Afghanistan include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lebanon, Nigeria, Darfur, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Iran and North Korea.

Bush frendly nations are rare these days. Countries in your“coalition of the willing ”In Iraq are as scarce as open and unrestricted Republican town meetings.

Despite your obvious personal flaws, mistakes, disasterous appointments, and ineptness in general I take exception with anyone who say you are totally worthless, I have to remind them that you have given us the gift of laughter.

Your public appearances are the mother load for late-night comics, and your buffoonery simplifies the lives of many satirical cartoonists. And look at all those book sales by political insiders who outed your misguided decisions and your inane thought process.

I just heard President Ford died, I guess that means PHOTO OPP time and a badly needed distraction from the public’s attention on just how you were pondering your new way forward in Iraq. The best thing about Ford’s days in office was the creation of the Betty Ford Clinic.

It is ironic how, the death of one bumbling Republican president who gave a reprieve to Nixon, a disgraced Republican president; now grants a temporaty reprieve to perhaps the most disgraceful Republican or Democrat president in history.

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