I can't take any pleasure from your downfall.

Mr. President,
I would love to take time to feel smug for writing about your disastrous presidency these last five years, which the public is finally learning about from the mass media, but I can’t.

I can’t feel good about the thousands of people who have died and the thousands more who were maimed physically and emotionally, by your hand.

I can’t feel good for the huge debt you incurred jeopardizing the future well being of our children.

I can’t feel good about the division of our nation you and Karl Rove caused for selfish needs and for demanding unprecedented and unconstitutional executive powers to sustain republican governance.

I can't feel good about watching our Constitution and the Bill of Rights become just another set of redacted documents.

I can’t feel good about adversely affecting the health of Americas and butchering our nation’s health care system to favor pharmaceutical companies.

I can’t feel good about the deterioration of our air and water which has negatively affected the health of thousands of people through your toadie support of any industry who needs to pollute our planet to maximize profits.

I can’t feel good about the dreadful ramifications of your failed foreign policy, which has made America and the word “democracy” an anathema to civil society.

I can’t feel good about the firestorm you created in the mideast where our allies are now running for cover hoping to survive. Lebanon, Palestine, as well as Iran has made life in Israel much more dangerous. Which ironically had much to do to support your ill-conceived invasion of Iraq.

I can’t feel good about the Katrina victims who were ignored until the public outcry finally penetrated your self-imposed bubble and the botched recovery effort afterwards.

I can’t feel good about how long it has taken people to finally see you have no clothes; just folksy talk and a stubborn streak which shuts out reasoned discussion and demonizes anyone who questions your actions.

Instead of rejoicing the democratic win in both houses of Congress and vindication for wring about each disaster you caused; I feel am at a wake, where America has begun to understand just how bad a president and how detrimental you have been to our nation. It’s not that you are a liar; you are an incompetent liar with the same lack of compassion as the man who wielded the ax at public beheadings.

Our country’s populace has reached that stage of grief where the death of their illusions on your presidency and American’s hopes for a safer life in our country have come out of denial and reached the grief stage of acceptance.

Guilt and anger will soon begin for many of your ex-followers. The betrayal and anger are blooming in every city, village, and town across our country.

Have you noticed that it is usually right-wing nuts who evoke violence? The American terrorist attack of the Oklahoma federal building, and recent mailings of suspicious white powder to President Clinton and Keith Obermann are just a few examples of right-wing nuts who are prone to violence, when they feel they have been betrayed.

The failure and down turn of your presidency has begun and firing Rummy is just the beginning. Now Bolton bites the dust, which is no surprise, after his poor performance, and obstinate behavior at the UN; thus, he goes down in history as yet another unmitigated Bush-failure.

I was just as unsurprised at your father’s efforts to help bail you out once again and volunteered James Baker to head a committee to find a way out of Iraq. Imagine that, an outside group was brought in to find some solutions to your botched war. Interestingly your own internal study group is studying options as well.

I would like to believe you have learned your lesson, but your history does not have any examples of bending to the will of others despite how terribly wrong you are.

You don’t seem to care whom you take down with you or how many more people must die, so why should I feel anything but sadness and pity for our country; at least while you are in office anyway.

Our Arab allies are scrambling for cover as the mideast is on the brink of a chaos that threatens to engulf friend and foe alike in the region, destabilizing the governments of entire area and reinforcing Iran’s influence for years to come.

In the weeks to come, I am sure I will hear more reasons to vindicate people like myself before their conservative friends and relatives but I will take no joy in it, I am in too much shock over the tremendous damage you have done to our country and our world.

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