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Where is OUR healer, OUR Hero?

Mr. President,
It is natural for many to pay homage to President Ford, but there seems to be a common theme among many of the news stories which depict the late president as a hero of his time.

Ford was a reluctant president who tried to heal a nation even to his own detriment. Gerald Ford was known for his integrity and trustworthiness, just the opposite of Nixon’s traits.

Although Gerald Ford was in an office he didn’t run for or even wanted, he seemed to know that the nation needed to heal from the wounds created by President Nixon, a despotic leader who felt he was above the law and waged a very unjust, unpopular war.

In a very controversial move, President Ford chose to pardon Nixon, because he didn’t want the country to be dragged into a very messy trial. It was a very unpopular thing to do; many people felt Nixon betrayed the nation and the Constitution, so he should pay for it. The uproar of this action cost Ford the presidency, which he lost to a then little-known Jimmy Carter.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Since your sins are worse than anything Nixon ever thought of doing, what kind of savior will we need after you leave?

After you finally leave we will need a hero too. Who can be our “Ford,” our healer?

People are already starting to campaign for ‘08, but are any of them good enough to:

Help our troops in Iraq with a workable plan to bring them home safely?
Pull together a nation divided by years of Karl Rove policies?
Overcome the damage your inaction caused to our planet?
Repair the relationships we once had with our allies before you invaded Iraq?
Overcome your ignorance of foreign affairs which led to growing the leftist influence in South America?
Reverse the Bush-years of American saber rattling which made Iran and North Korea even more dangerous?
Reverse the degradation of the middle-class in America?
Help parents pay for their children to attend college?
Help all Americans get proper medical care?
Finally help with a comprehensive means of rebuilding New Orleans?

It is impossible. The best we can hope for is for someone who will at least try to do what is right for the country and not run the highest office in the land, like a nonstop political campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, we have many heroes in this country; we just don’t have super heroes.

December 29, 2006 8:13:07 PM CST

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