Have you started drinking again?

Mr. President,
You were prophetic when you said you would “stay the course,” even if only Laura and Barney were the only ones who supported you, because your circle of “yes” men is quickly shrinking.

Your only hope to save your so-called legacy is to help elect a Republican president in 08’ who can pardon your offenses.

You have led such a sheltered life as a rich spoiled frat boy it is easy to understand how you grew up with such a warped sense of morality.

Life is easy in the Bush clan when your daddy is always there to help you after you screw up. The Iraq Study Group is just another example of daddy’s habit of bailing you out. It was a good show but utterly worthless.

Common sense has little effect on your decisions I trust you will turn down any of your dad’s efforts which might show you as weak.

I heard you pushed back your speech to Americans on Iraq I guess you need the extra time to shop around for people to agree with you regardless of their credibility or knowledge on Iraq.

It is the same approach you have used to justify your position on global warming, stem cell research, and every screwy decision you have made for the last five years including your invasion of Iraq. You cherry pick information and quote so-called experts that agree with you to justify your actions. Somehow you have deluded yourself into believing your own propaganda. You will stall your reaction to the Iraq Study Group until you find enough differing opinions so you can continue with your failed policy.

You wasted thousands of American and Iraqi lives. Shedding young American’s blood just begets shedding more blood to justify their deaths. War takes on a life of its own; as soldiers fight on for each other as they have been trained. It is not fair, but there is nothing fair in your world as you seek a political answer to avoid impeachment and insure a positive legacy rather than doing what is right for America and the region.

This is just a small hiccup as far as you are concerned. Nothing matters as long as you believe history will bear you out as.

Can I suggest a therapist? Because you are delusional and, you don’t care how many people die or how average Americans will suffer because of your sociopathic actions.

Even your professed ally, Pakistan is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan as attacks against American troops grow and today, Saudi Arabia has voiced financial support for Iraqi Sunnis if you withdraw any support for them because they know the Shiites have Iran’s support already and the Saudis cannot afford to have Sunnis left to be slaughtered.

Your comparison to Truman is as laughable as any of the late night comic’s skits about you. Indeed, you have become a walking cartoon, the mother load far any aspiring comic.

There is a chance that in the long run, your disastrous presidency will turn out to be good for American democracy as long as it can survive the immediate and midterm backlash from people within the nation and from countries all around the world, because you have caused millions of apathetic Americans to realize just what happen when they don’t pay attention and allow a moral deviant to become president.

I just pray that we do not give up on our democracy as we are assailed through various economic and terrorist attacks resulting from your murderous foreign policy.

December 15, 2006 10:21:42 PM CST

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