Merry Christmas you foolish bastard.

Mr. President,
You have ignored the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Congress, the UN, the Kyoto agreement, the Geneva convention, Nuclear disarmament treaties, our generals, the Pentagon, the Iraq Study Group, your father’s advisors, and even the will of the people; so who is left? Perhaps the Gay-haters, gun-lovers, pro-lifers, anti flag-burners, and racists in general still support you, but can they really rewrite enough history to make you look good?

Just who is writing your legacy? Who are these history professors you are placating to? Are they sitting in some dusty university basement? Are they as disconnected from reality as you are? Are you counting on the same people who have edited or withheld many embarrassing reports from the public?

Your attempts at hiding all the bad news didn’t help much with the mid terms; what makes you think you can rewrite the results of all those disastrous national and international policy decisions you have made during your time in the west wing?

Are you encouraged that republican media masters could boost Ronald Reagan’s reputation and downplay the thousands of murders he helped cause in Nicaragua, his Iran contra affair and his refusal to do anything about the AIDS epidemic in America, because he considered it a “Gay disease?”

For every leader who hoped that their legacy will prove them right, there are many other egomaniacs who have been chastised by reality.

Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Richard Nixon, Cambodia’s Pol Pot Pinchot,
Nikita Kruschev, Serbia’s Slobodan Milosovek, and Japan’s Hirohito, who okayed the attack of Pearl Harbor and personally ratified the proposition of his army to remove the constraints of international law on the treatment of Chinese prisoners, were all resolute men who strongly believed that history will vindicate them.

It seems as though you are just “faking it,” flying by the seat of your pants. Firing Rummy was just the latest example of this. If you would have released him before the elections, the Republicans could have saved the Senate and some of the House.

Cheney called Rummy the greatest Secretary of Defense the country had ever known right after you fired him. So either Cheney is lying, or you are a fool to remove such a wonderful cabinet official.

You can’t even point to advancing any single domestic policy. In fact, the country, and the citizens are in worse shape than ever. Don’t go into New Orleans unless you want to see just how much your recovery efforts suck. If you can’t fix an American city how much hope can the Iraqis have.

So thanks to you it will be a black Christmas for millions of people across the world. The mideast is a firestorm, North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia are all doing what they want without much concern about what America thinks. Even small countries like Uruguay and Venezuela have defied you openly. Your economic policies have created more billionaires while simultaneously making more homeless and poor. Foreclosures are at an all time high, and violence in America is rising every year as law enforcement is diverted to buying gas masks for town officials in Iowa, or following up on anti-war groups and grandmothers who may carry clear liquids on a plane.

Your father must be so proud of you; it’s no wonder he cried at Jeb’s party when he realized just how his dreams for Jeb have been shattered by your incompetence.

So, for all the impoverished Americans, the legless, armless veterans, the families of grieving Iraqi and American soldiers’ families, for all the people who are living their last days in their homes this year, Merry Christmas President Bush. I hope you are proud of your accomplishments.