Pomp and applause lines didn't save you after the SOTU.

Mr. President,
Your track record has shown that you are always more interested in political solutions instead of providing real workable strategies with sufficient structure to ensure some measure of success.

The State of The Union Speech was another good example of life in your executive branch bubble which is impenetrable to the will of the people and Congress.

It took you a while to get to Iraq, but when you did you again seemed content with merely providing the perception of providing a different course of action in Iraq hoping no one will know the difference. Sadly the country is dying of thirst for leadership, and all you are able to offer us is bloody sand.

The clock is ticking; your only real goal now is to establish some type of legacy despite your national and foreign policy fiascos.
You will no doubt look for any type of reason to shift the blame onto the Democrats or Maliki for the Iraq disaster just like you falsely blames the bombing of the Shite mosque for all the civil war in Iraq, during your speech.

Your wish for a workable immigration policy appears to be your attempt at a “Lyndon Johnson moment.” President Johnson initiated and signed civil rights legislation which reclaimed some of his stature on the national stage after his Vietnam war policies failed so miserably.

President Johnson reportedly said that after he passed his sweeping civil rights reforms it would be a long time before a Democrat would carry the south again, but he did it anyway. I do not find any such noble motives behind your apparent willingness to help resolve the immigration issue.

Many Republicans are no doubt incredulous that you would imperil the Republican party with such a polarizing issue such as immigration reform, but time is running out for you to claim some shred of accomplishment even if it means some Republicans are left swinging in the wind in 2008.

This speech will not impress many people, Americans are wising up, and they are beyond your normal smoke and mirror diversions and they are looking to Congress to do something about it. This Congress will be a significant challenge for you. It will be interesting to see how far you will push the Democrats before they threaten to use the impeachment card.

You might want to amend your New Years resolutions, to include some kind of mental health break because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The people of this nation are certainly looking for a different result. If you continues to refuse to change your style of promoting your subjectivity of issues and etherial startegies over substance, the hunger for a hero to take you on, will continue to grow.

January 30, 2007 10:21:19 PM CST

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