Congratulations junior you won.

Mr. President,
Congratulations on the Libby trial. You lost the battle but you had already won the war.

You managed to successfully get reelected despite your vice president's attempt to discredit a war critic by disclosing the name of a covert CIA spy.

As everyone now knows Libby was proven guilty, but the legal stalling process accomplished its purposes; to obstruct the investigation, protect Karl Rove, the Vice-president, and delay the trial until well after the 2004 Presidential elections.

You knew the odds of loosing Libby to a bulldog like Fitzgerald was pretty high. But, Scooter was a lamb you were willing to sacrifice. Hell, it was a no-brainer, and the loyal soldier took the hit. Perhaps you told him that he would be well rewarded for his sacrifice. This sounds like a Soprano episode doesn't it?

The right-wing spin machine will flip the event and continue to make Bush-loyalists feel good about themselves and they will continue to believe that up is down, and the crime of lying to prosecutors is not a big deal.

The polls were not an issue because you can't go down much further than 33 per cent approval ratings unless Limbaugh got laryngitis and the Fox channel suddenly went off the air. And lord knows Cheney never cared about the polls or democracy for that matter, so he could continue to lie about everything he wanted to.

You got to hand it to Fitzgerald though, he had to accumulate evidence organize facts, issue indictments and make the case with one hand tied behind his back. He had to follow the law without political bias; while his opponents, your administration, didn't have to follow those rules.

The only question in my mind is if his pardon was going to be wrapped in a Medal of Freedom?

Date: March 8, 2007 2:12:56 PM CST

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