Happy Anniversary!

Mr President,
Happy Anniversary junior on four years of marriage to an idea!

The appropriate Hallmark gift after four years of marriage is fruit, flowers, or appliances. If I ask the protesters from around the country I bet they could come up with a jim dandy appliance just for you.

Your marriage to Mrs. "Stay the course” has been a pretty rocky one. Face it junior, she is a bitch, and she is not getting any easier to live with either. She does not answer to America uber allis rhetoric, nor to mission accomplished-draped aircraft carriers. Thousands of red white and blue balloons and Republican sponsored dinners fail to impress her. Not even the God you speak to seems to have any power over her demeanor. She simply won’t dance to the song you chose for her to sing. And she is not even slightly swayed by the deaths of thousands of people that died in her name.

Success in Iraq is a ghost, a mythical state which evaporates almost as soon as you are informed one exists just within your grasp. Why do you allow to remain blindfolded and continue to follow neo-conservative's directions as you try to hit that elusive pinata while some unseen hands keep jerking the prize further and further away?

Fabricated slogans for war such as:
“It shouldn’t take seeing a mushroom cloud in our streets before we act,”
“We must fight them there so we don’t fight them here,”
“We have to eliminate weapons of mass destruction,”
“Iraq bought yellow cake from Niger,”
“Saddam bought aluminum tubes for centrifuges,”
And finally, “We will provide a shiny democracy in the middle east,” have all fallen like so many poorly balanced dominoes.
One high-minded goal after another has been knocked down when the facts are made public.

After years of reading those damnable facts in the newspapers television programs and on the Internet, thousands of people have publically protested your policies, and still you remain unfazed.

You seemed desperate as you pleaded for patience during yesterday's speech on the Iraq war anniversary and yet you continued to try to falsely link your decision to invade Iraq to 9/11.

To commemorate this fourth anniversary of the beginning of your ill-fated invasion of Iraq, protesters from around the world took to the streets to show their intense hatred of your Iraq war. When over a million people protested your original intent to invade Iraq you dismissed them by stating that you would not be swayed by a focus group of dissenters. You haven’t change your mantra from day one. Anyone who was so cavalier with dissenting American and world opinion back then will not change his mind today although your war has divided our allies and united our enemies.
Many Bush-war-stalwarts state that 3,217 soldiers cannot die for nothing and are willing to go along with your plan to double down your bet on a loosing hand and keep throwing more American soldier’s lives into that hell just to hold off the Democrats from pulling the rug out from under you.

You and Cheney remind me of loosing football coaches who keep using the same play and the same players over and over again and hope for a different outcome.

The players, their families and friends of those you command on the field are the only ones who pay the consequences.

The exhilaration of manhood and a place such as Iraq to prove their mettle is a siren song tuned to perfection by the armed forces.
The bitter truth is that those 3,217 soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died for ever-changing Rove-inspired bumper-sticker slogans and not for the welfare or protection of Americans at home.

Sending more troops into this war without a change in attitude about what you hope to realistically accomplish is not a strategy, it is not gallant; it is murder.

No one knows about your killing rampage as much as the Iraqis, and you will not outlast the Iraqi people who want to kill the Americans who invaded their country and want to steal their resources. Indeed, your obvious fabrication of reasons for invading a sovereign Mid East nation and the ruinous handling of the Iraqis after the invasion has bitterly divided our nation. Our allies have fallen by the wayside while our enemies have united and many nations have become emboldened to counter America's imperial plans for the world.

Your atrocious performance as our so-called “commander in chief” your lack of intelligence and the limited american military footprint Rumsfield assigned to this asymmetrical war seems to have emboldened countries like Iran, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Sudan, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, North Korea, Russia, and China just to name a few, have openly challenged America and sidestep our country as they form strategic alliances and partnerships to counter American influence throughout the world.

Allies are repulsed by your hubris while enemies consolidate and refine their methods to attack our soldiers and our nation like a pack of jackals tracking a wounded elephant.
Speaking of wounded elephants.

Bush-buddies in Congress are as nervous as whores in church. There are enough loyal Republicans in the Senate to keep upstart Democrats in check for now, but these Republican congressmen are playing against the time clock. They may bolt when they begin to see their re-election efforts erode as they balance their careers against the over riding tide of public dissent.

Tony Blair found out the hard way that you don’t give in on anything. He ultimately gave way to his opponents wishes after failing to secure any American favors for his support and finally created his own timetable to remove British troops from Iraq.

I know you say you are not a reader, but did anyone ever tell you the story about Moby Dick?

"Give way!" cried Ahab to the oarsmen, and the boats darted forward to the attack; but maddened by yesterday's fresh irons that corroded in him, Moby Dick seemed as though he was possessed by all the angels that fell from heaven."

There is an uncanny resemblance between your behavior and Captain Ahab's fixation with battling the white whale. I expect your crew of republican congressmen will quietly jump ship as election time rolls in and they leave the SS Bush Jr. to thankfully sink into the muck and mire you created for our country.

So good luck to you sir as your ship takes another series of blows. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.

Will Alberto be forced to quit for numerous overt acts which may be
illegal? Transgressions such as breaking the wiretap laws and squashing an NSA investigation by refusing to provide the investigating attorneys the proper clearance to perform the inquiry, in which he was one of the suspects is a big "No No" in layman's terms.

Will you allow Karl Rove to testify under oath if he is subpoenad to appear before the judiciary committee on politicizing the judicial system?

Look on the bright side, at least the Iraq war news has temporarily been overshadowed.

Date: March 20, 2007 4:54:29 AM CDT

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