Here is that magic number 16 again.

Mr. President,
What is it about you and the number 16?

“Lock and seriously loaded” Cheney lost his chief of staff after you decided to keep those infamous 16 words, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa," in your 2003 State of the Union Speech.

You used those famous words to bolster your case for attacking Iraq, even after Joseph Wilson 4th, the ex-Ambassador of Gabon, a 23 year career foreign service officer and ambassador, found no evidence that supported your assertion about Iraq’s intention to buy yellowcake.

And we all saw where it went from there.
Wilson wrote his famous opinion article in the New York Times, “What I didn’t find in Africa” and then Cheney launched a venomous personal attack plan to discredit Wilson which somehow resulted in someone from your administration divulging the identity of Wilson’s wife as a covert CIA agent who ironically was working on uncovering weapons of mass destruction in the Mid East.

Shortly afterwards you state that you will fire anyone who participated in outing the CIA agent, but you refuse to fully cooperate during the initial part of the investigation until Fitzgerald is finally assigned as the chief investigator. FBI agents ask questions and people testify before the grand jury. After months and months of effort Cheney’s chief of staff is found guilty of obstruction of justice and lying to the grand jury and although some of your cabinet members were involved in disclosing Valerie Plame as a covert agent, you didn't fire anybody.

It is a hell of a mess.

Your favorite number 16 comes into play again as your new bush-disaster involves a 16 day gap in e-mails which were sent to congressional investigators after they requested e-mail records between the Justice Department and your White House concerning the firing of seven U.S. attorneys last year.

No e-mails were presented from November 15 to December 2, 2006.

It is curious because the attorneys were fired shortly afterwards.

Take Carol Lam, the federal prosecutor from San Diego. She was fired shortly after she informed Washington about some search warrants in a Republican corruption case last year.

According to an
LA Times article, “Afterwards, a top Justice Department official in Washington wrote to the White House about a "real problem we have right now with Carol Lam."

Lam had successfully indicted Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the former Republican congressman from Rancho Santa Fe who ultimately pleaded guilty to bribery and income tax evasion.

He was sentenced in March 2006 to eight years and four months in prison.

It looks like U.S. Atty. Carol C. Lam was fired because she was investigating Republican politicians in Southern California including a couple of Cunningham’s buddies.

Buddies like defense contractor Brent R. Wilkes who bribed Cunningham and then received millions in federal contracts. Wilkes is suspected of plying other congressmen and Washington officials with bribes and prostitutes.

Lam was also investigating another Cunningham buddy, "Dusty" Foggo, a top CIA official who suddenly resigned May 8.

Maybe he suddenly wanted to spend more time with his family.

Don't look now but “Gonzo-gate” has the same earmarks as the State of the Union “16 word fiasco.” The final story to that tale of presidential hubris and illegal activity has not been totally flushed out yet. Scotter was the only one to pay the price for that one, but boy did it hurt you and the Republican party.

Your offer to allow Rove and Miers to talk to the congressional investigating committee as long as it is behind closed doors and not under oath is laughable.

But, it fits your profile, because you have always been a lousy negotiator.

You might want to reconsider your ridiculous offer because the USS Bushshit is leaking like a sieve captain. I would not be surprised to see Gonzo go, but who would replace your tex-mex buddy, the guy who helped you execute a record number of inmates in Texas, the guy who got you out of jury duty where your drunk driving and drug abuse record would be made public before the elections.

This is another juicy story; it is just too good, someone is going to spill their guts and another salvo of charges will no doubt hit the U.SS Bushshit again and again until another of your lackey’s screw ups is made public.

The Democrats, especially the ones running for president, are loving it because they don’t have to talk about solving your Iraq disaster as long as your buddies keep screwing up like this.

Isn’t it funny how over time, your circle of close advisors is forming a tighter and tighter noose.

This is going to be great theatre; hell this is going to be better than a Paris Hilton sex video but infinitely more obscene for our democracy as you push our government towards a constitutional crisis.

Date: March 22, 2007 4:25:53 AM CDT

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Happy Anniversary!

Mr President,
Happy Anniversary junior on four years of marriage to an idea!

The appropriate Hallmark gift after four years of marriage is fruit, flowers, or appliances. If I ask the protesters from around the country I bet they could come up with a jim dandy appliance just for you.

Your marriage to Mrs. "Stay the course” has been a pretty rocky one. Face it junior, she is a bitch, and she is not getting any easier to live with either. She does not answer to America uber allis rhetoric, nor to mission accomplished-draped aircraft carriers. Thousands of red white and blue balloons and Republican sponsored dinners fail to impress her. Not even the God you speak to seems to have any power over her demeanor. She simply won’t dance to the song you chose for her to sing. And she is not even slightly swayed by the deaths of thousands of people that died in her name.

Success in Iraq is a ghost, a mythical state which evaporates almost as soon as you are informed one exists just within your grasp. Why do you allow to remain blindfolded and continue to follow neo-conservative's directions as you try to hit that elusive pinata while some unseen hands keep jerking the prize further and further away?

Fabricated slogans for war such as:
“It shouldn’t take seeing a mushroom cloud in our streets before we act,”
“We must fight them there so we don’t fight them here,”
“We have to eliminate weapons of mass destruction,”
“Iraq bought yellow cake from Niger,”
“Saddam bought aluminum tubes for centrifuges,”
And finally, “We will provide a shiny democracy in the middle east,” have all fallen like so many poorly balanced dominoes.
One high-minded goal after another has been knocked down when the facts are made public.

After years of reading those damnable facts in the newspapers television programs and on the Internet, thousands of people have publically protested your policies, and still you remain unfazed.

You seemed desperate as you pleaded for patience during yesterday's speech on the Iraq war anniversary and yet you continued to try to falsely link your decision to invade Iraq to 9/11.

To commemorate this fourth anniversary of the beginning of your ill-fated invasion of Iraq, protesters from around the world took to the streets to show their intense hatred of your Iraq war. When over a million people protested your original intent to invade Iraq you dismissed them by stating that you would not be swayed by a focus group of dissenters. You haven’t change your mantra from day one. Anyone who was so cavalier with dissenting American and world opinion back then will not change his mind today although your war has divided our allies and united our enemies.
Many Bush-war-stalwarts state that 3,217 soldiers cannot die for nothing and are willing to go along with your plan to double down your bet on a loosing hand and keep throwing more American soldier’s lives into that hell just to hold off the Democrats from pulling the rug out from under you.

You and Cheney remind me of loosing football coaches who keep using the same play and the same players over and over again and hope for a different outcome.

The players, their families and friends of those you command on the field are the only ones who pay the consequences.

The exhilaration of manhood and a place such as Iraq to prove their mettle is a siren song tuned to perfection by the armed forces.
The bitter truth is that those 3,217 soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died for ever-changing Rove-inspired bumper-sticker slogans and not for the welfare or protection of Americans at home.

Sending more troops into this war without a change in attitude about what you hope to realistically accomplish is not a strategy, it is not gallant; it is murder.

No one knows about your killing rampage as much as the Iraqis, and you will not outlast the Iraqi people who want to kill the Americans who invaded their country and want to steal their resources. Indeed, your obvious fabrication of reasons for invading a sovereign Mid East nation and the ruinous handling of the Iraqis after the invasion has bitterly divided our nation. Our allies have fallen by the wayside while our enemies have united and many nations have become emboldened to counter America's imperial plans for the world.

Your atrocious performance as our so-called “commander in chief” your lack of intelligence and the limited american military footprint Rumsfield assigned to this asymmetrical war seems to have emboldened countries like Iran, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Sudan, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, North Korea, Russia, and China just to name a few, have openly challenged America and sidestep our country as they form strategic alliances and partnerships to counter American influence throughout the world.

Allies are repulsed by your hubris while enemies consolidate and refine their methods to attack our soldiers and our nation like a pack of jackals tracking a wounded elephant.
Speaking of wounded elephants.

Bush-buddies in Congress are as nervous as whores in church. There are enough loyal Republicans in the Senate to keep upstart Democrats in check for now, but these Republican congressmen are playing against the time clock. They may bolt when they begin to see their re-election efforts erode as they balance their careers against the over riding tide of public dissent.

Tony Blair found out the hard way that you don’t give in on anything. He ultimately gave way to his opponents wishes after failing to secure any American favors for his support and finally created his own timetable to remove British troops from Iraq.

I know you say you are not a reader, but did anyone ever tell you the story about Moby Dick?

"Give way!" cried Ahab to the oarsmen, and the boats darted forward to the attack; but maddened by yesterday's fresh irons that corroded in him, Moby Dick seemed as though he was possessed by all the angels that fell from heaven."

There is an uncanny resemblance between your behavior and Captain Ahab's fixation with battling the white whale. I expect your crew of republican congressmen will quietly jump ship as election time rolls in and they leave the SS Bush Jr. to thankfully sink into the muck and mire you created for our country.

So good luck to you sir as your ship takes another series of blows. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.

Will Alberto be forced to quit for numerous overt acts which may be
illegal? Transgressions such as breaking the wiretap laws and squashing an NSA investigation by refusing to provide the investigating attorneys the proper clearance to perform the inquiry, in which he was one of the suspects is a big "No No" in layman's terms.

Will you allow Karl Rove to testify under oath if he is subpoenad to appear before the judiciary committee on politicizing the judicial system?

Look on the bright side, at least the Iraq war news has temporarily been overshadowed.

Date: March 20, 2007 4:54:29 AM CDT

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
The President is committed to continuing our economic progress,
defending our freedom, and upholding our Nation's deepest values.

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If you don't have enough Bush lovers buy them

Mr. President,
It was obvious from the start of your administration that the motto inscribed over the White House cabinet offices and over all U.S. Government institutions throughout the country read "No press allowed" and "fidem praestare alioqui abductum," loosly translated as (always faithful or else).

Right-wing attack machines such as Fox and radio talk-show pundits like Rush Limbaugh were primed from day one to volley a hailstorm of vicious attacks towards anyone who violated those two commandments.

Back when you first took office candidates for critical government positions had to exude bush-loyalty before they were seriously considered. Competence and experience didn't seem to stand in the way.

If you couldn't find enough uber-loyal bush loyalists to fill the thousands of government positions, you either lowered the standard or bought your way out of it by contracting the jobs out and paid for their loyalty.

Your neo-conservatives also swept away, demoted or squashed any independent government career professionals that criticized any of your policies.

Besides turning away and eliminating competent advisors you also turned away thousands of badly needed scientists, engineers and other technical workers at our nations borders while you degraded our military, to what many generals called, their breaking point.

The day after we were attacked the neo-cons must have fallen on their knees in thankful praise of their god who delivered unto them an opportunity to make their wettest dream come true, a chance to build a mideast american colony to watch over our oil fields and support Israel, but your Iraq war posed special problems and opportunities for your neo-cons with their grand plan.

You had to have enough troops to wage two wars without instituting a draft which would quickly swing public opinion and could bring a halt to the war long before you Cheney and Gonzalez could institute enough executive powers to resist any potential negative Congressional action.

So you were stuck with lowering the quality of the armed services by decreasing entrance requirements, increasing the age limits , decreasing the amount of family leave, increasing the length and duration of their duty in Iraq and even sending seriously wounded troops with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
back to the front.

You have been wildly successful with instilling loyalty.

But you seem to have infected government agencies with too many incompetent surrogates; including the so-called independent agencies like FEMA, CIA, EPA FDA CDC, USDA and NASA. The agencies have been so politicized that it is difficult to give credence to anything they say anymore. Today I read that government scientists have been ordered
not to discuss polar bears.

H. Dale Hall, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, defended the measure stating that "this policy was a long-standing one, meant to honor international protocols for meetings where the topics of discussion are negotiated in advance."

The result of your acolytes work has been a never ending list of fiascos which stemmed from incompetence, the obstruction of reports, modification of facts and outright censorship of scientific studies, which has negatively affected everything from the Iraq war, international trade, education , the health of the american people and recovery efforts to disaster area victims.

Time and time again you have proven that in your bubble, politics trump the welfare of the country and the American people.

Every government agency; All 1172 government agencies , from Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee (AAPC) to the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project (YMSCP)
are suspect of being infected with the Bush bacteria (subscription required) after all the time you have had in office.

A good example of your neo-cons at work is exemplified by the book "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," written by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Assistant Managing editor of the Washington Post. Former Washington Post bureau chief in Baghdad.

Your grand experiment in Iraq took place under the management of Paul L. Bremmers Iraq's Coalition Provisional Authority, CPA and privatizing was the magic word and who could implement it better than Bush loyalists?

Jim O'Beirne, a political appointee was given the task of screening prospective political appointees for Defense Department posts. O' Brian and his staff posed blunt questions to some prospective candidates about domestic politics such as: Did you vote for George W. Bush in 2000? Do you support the way the president is fighting the war on terror? According to the
Washington Post article at the time, "Two people who sought jobs with the U.S. occupation authority said they were even asked their views on Roe v. Wade ."

No-bid contracts to Halliburtan and many
examples of cronyism abounded. For instance, twenty-four year-old,Bush supporter, Jay Hallen, a graduate from Yale University, with no finance background was assigned to reopening the Iraqi stock exchange. And James Haveman was sent to Iraq to oversee the rehabilitation of Iraq's healthcare system even though he was not even a doctor but he did a photo of himself with you. He devoted his time to writing a list of drugs which were allowed into the country rather than rebuild bombed out emergency rooms.
Meanwhile Parsons, Bechtel and the Halliburton subsidiary KBR. took in billions of dollars in no-bid contracts,for projects most of which were judged to be "substandard with construction deficiencies and other serious problems."

Although your national policy failures have been abysmal your foreign policy failures are the most glaring of any president in recent history.
And you didn't help your cause by infecting our State Department with
amateur ambassadors.

Twenty -seven of the 49 appointed ambassadors are Bush "Pioneers" whose only claim to fame was raising at least $100,000 for your re-election effort.

And only three of these 27 fund raisers meet any of the qualifications to become an ambassador according to The Foreign Service Act of 1980.

No wonder you have to resort to saber rattling with our military to try and get your way.

Is it any wonder that according to a CNN poll from a few months ago, 78 percent of americans believe the government is broken and have very little faith in our country's leaders?

The incompetence is only part of your problem, you have reduced the number of government workers and backfilled many critical positions with contractors who are driven by profit motives rather than doing what is right for the nation.

The list of contractors runs from rebuilding efforts and security companies in Iraq to operating drones and interpreting spy satellite information.

Earlier this month it was reported that the GSA was short of people to process cases of incompetence by federal contractors so they hired more contractors to help them out!

Indeed contractors have become what the
New York Times calls them; the fourth branch of the government because of the size and the money you have thrown at them. During your administration they have received billions of dollars more than any other president. Last year they accounted for about $400 billion up from $207 billion in 2000. And the good part is that only 48 percent of the contracts were handed out as a result of competitive bidding. A major advantage to a secretive administration like yours is that contractors are not open to public scrutiny because they are not subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

One would think that in such a desperate time we would pull out all the stops and get the best people we can to help our armed services and american companies, but alas that is not the Bush-way.

The armed services have also fallen on tough times ever since your deception of the american people for justifying your war and your disastrous management of the war became obvious.

More recruiters had to be found. The no child left behind had to have a clause which allowed the government to obtain student records in order to call susceptible teens to join the service. After the initial recruitment goals were not met, the goals were lowered and the bar was lowered on test scores, previous drug use, age limits were rtaised and
even criminal records were ignored.

Even West Point graduation classes were affected where many officers are deciding to serve their four years and leave. Last year the
Army forecasted a shortage of thousands of officers.

Back door draft of service men and women was enacted and tours of duty were extended. Scheduled leave was cut short.

Even after you contracted out thousands of jobs that the military used to perform, there are still not enough trained soldiers in the pipeline to cover the dead and wounded your war created, much less your surge and the additional logistical support required.

According to a recent article from The Guardian, "the British has 9000 troops on the ground in Iraq but private military contractors account for about 10,000 armed troops. After the British leave, military contractors will be the major player in your "coalition of the willing."

Another plus to using mercenaries, I mean military contractors, is that they are not held to any laws or standards of conduct. Torturing suspects in Abu Gharib, Guantanimo and in other vacation spots around the world courtesy of extraordinary renditions didn't apply to the American military, so military contractors are even less accountable, except to the people who sign their checks, his royal highness, George W. Bush.

Infusing your loyalists into every key spot in the Government has been extremely successful. It was a remarkable job but you couldn't have done it without Republican whips like Tom Delay, Pat Roberts and Bill Frist in Congress for rubber-stamping all your bills and squelching all oversight. Timid Democrats who could not or would not stand up to the vicious attacks from right-wing machine helped you as well. You owe Rupert Murdoch a big wet kiss for that one.

You have infected our democracy with bacteria so vile it will take an intense infusion of sunlight, of transparency to kill off the germs which have been introduced into the U.S. government and have multiplied in the darkness provided by Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Every week we are witness to examples of incredible ineptness, outrageous corruption, consummate greed, and warped ideology by your acolytes.

This week the
Walter Reed story showed what privatizing and Bush followers do to our government.

People are tired of watching you evade responsibility, and Orwelian bumper sticker sound bytes. Your half truths and your bumbling speech and folksy inappropriately timed grins isn't cute anymore. I believe you have finally sparked a cry within our nation for civil discourse and competent leadership throughout this country.

Somehow you have painted yourself in a corner in that fancy oval office buddy. You desperately need more loyalists to fill critical jobs but the ones you have are too inept or corrupt to do their jobs well.

You say you are not concerned about what people say about you today and that you will leave it to history to decide your visionary Bush doctrine greatness of your vision for America let me save you the suspense.

Your epitaph will most likely state; George W. Bush, he consistently destroyed what he most coveted.

Congratulations junior you won.

Mr. President,
Congratulations on the Libby trial. You lost the battle but you had already won the war.

You managed to successfully get reelected despite your vice president's attempt to discredit a war critic by disclosing the name of a covert CIA spy.

As everyone now knows Libby was proven guilty, but the legal stalling process accomplished its purposes; to obstruct the investigation, protect Karl Rove, the Vice-president, and delay the trial until well after the 2004 Presidential elections.

You knew the odds of loosing Libby to a bulldog like Fitzgerald was pretty high. But, Scooter was a lamb you were willing to sacrifice. Hell, it was a no-brainer, and the loyal soldier took the hit. Perhaps you told him that he would be well rewarded for his sacrifice. This sounds like a Soprano episode doesn't it?

The right-wing spin machine will flip the event and continue to make Bush-loyalists feel good about themselves and they will continue to believe that up is down, and the crime of lying to prosecutors is not a big deal.

The polls were not an issue because you can't go down much further than 33 per cent approval ratings unless Limbaugh got laryngitis and the Fox channel suddenly went off the air. And lord knows Cheney never cared about the polls or democracy for that matter, so he could continue to lie about everything he wanted to.

You got to hand it to Fitzgerald though, he had to accumulate evidence organize facts, issue indictments and make the case with one hand tied behind his back. He had to follow the law without political bias; while his opponents, your administration, didn't have to follow those rules.

The only question in my mind is if his pardon was going to be wrapped in a Medal of Freedom?

Date: March 8, 2007 2:12:56 PM CST

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