06 May 2007

War Czar, you're kidding right and the distance to violence.

Mr. President,
Watching your administration deteriorate every week is so sad. The dents have become cracks, which have grown until they become huge fissures.
Although you have gotten used to splashing around in Iraq’s blood, your fellow Republicans are not and the early run by presidential nominees have brought the ‘08’ elections into view for many americans. It is not pretty for Republicans. Civilian deaths keep mounting and American soldiers keep dying,
The concept of death and suffering is hard to bring home to people unless it happens to someone they know or to someone they can relate to. The Virginia Tech murders put the violence front and center for all Americans to see.
The media meticulously covered every bit every angle of the story and together the mass media market brought the sense of personal devistation, sorrow and anguish.
Now imagine multiple Virginia Tech murders happening with a higher brutality factor every day all around Iraq. It does not have the same impact does it?
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there is there a sound? If people are dying and bleeding every day because of something our government did but it is not in our time zone or in our hemisphere, is it really terrible? Is a foreigner’s blood less precious? Is their sorrow less agonizing? Is the function of distance inversely proportional to how much Americans care?
The blood is real, the suffering is real, the anger is real and unfortunately the element of revenge against America is also real.
Each time there is a bombing, an execution, an air strike an ied attack, there are survivors who remember, who grieve and who will want revenge. May God help our country when some of them exact an “appropriate” revenge upon us.
Speaking about blame what is the reason for your war czar? It is obvious that he is to take the blame for Iraq’s bloodshed. Do you think this ruse will get the American people to disassociate you and the Republicans from the Iraq war? What are you, high?
American hope for the future seems so bleak and hope is so utterly shattered right now.
The last time hope in America was shattered so badly was on June 5, 1968, when Sirhan Sirhan shot presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
Hope was mercifully dashed in an instant back then, you managed to drag hope’s death out for six long years and counting.
But luckily for America, it has so many young people who are still positive. Is it any wonder that a youthful optimistic figure like Obama is so popular right now?

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