06 May 2007
06 May 2007

How long can you keep the ship afloat?

Mr. President,
Your administration is unraveling faster that a roll of toilet paper going down hill. So just how many people do you have bailing out the ship when so much is going wrong?
I heard that eleven GOP congressmen just had a “come to Jesus” meeting with you.
MSNBC reported that they informed you that you have no credibility. I think they finally had a Richard Nixon moment. You know, when Nixon was up to his eyeballs with lies, and the court said his tapes had to be made available to the public, several GOP leaders told Nixon he had to resign for the good of the party. All I can guess is that these eleven GOP members have had it, and they are not going down with the George Junior ship. What will you do junior? Do you refuse to acknowledge your own party’s assessment of your dire situation as well? Somehow I don’t see you doing the honorable thing and step down from office like tricky Dick did.
Congress is not backing down from proposing a funding bill which has some kind of accountability or benchmarks. Republicans are slowly reading the writing on the wall and have decided to work with Democrats on a war funding bill with conditions.
I know how badly you need a legacy people will remember, but did you ever figure you would be remembered for the lowest all-time rating Your ratings for any president in modern times? But, look on the bright side Cheney has an even lower rating.
Your little side kick Roberto Gonzalez is still in the papers. He is apparently willing to make himself look like a complete incompetent to keep the congressional justice committee from proving that your White House has politically managed the justice department, and the cases the federal attorneys worked on.
Your fellow war monger Wolfowitz has also been in the news. He has apparently broken the trust of the World Bank, and he is hanging on to his job by a thread. I don’t think either Gonzo or Wolfe’s job is helped much when you said you have complete faith in him. Your standard for competence has been somewhat suspect since you named your cabinet.
At least the lawyers on Capital Hill are fully employed now that Democrats have investigative power.
Speaking of paying the price, Tony Blair is
paying his dues for supporting your war. He is expected to step down any day now as Prime Minister. Can you hook the poor guy up with Haliburton or the Carlyle Group?
Russia’s Vladimir Putin
recently compared your foreign policy to the Third Reich. I can’t count the number of times I have heard your administration compared to Hitler’s. It is a bit of a stretch. According to the British medical journal The Lancet, you are only responsible for at most 655,000 Iraqi deaths or so. So I don’t think you are as bad as Hitler, but I do believe Hitler’s propaganda minister; Joseph Goebbels is Rove’s patron saint.
The government you helped installed in Iraq must have taken a page from your book on management and voted to take a two-month vacation right in the middle of your “surge”. I don’t know why you should gripe about it. The Boston Globe has estimated that you have spent 20 percent of your presidency
on vacation; a record for any president in U.S. history.
I will be anxiously awaiting your reply to those 11 GOP congressmen who visited you today.