06 May 2007

When the lights go on these Republicans run for cover.

Mr. President,
It’s a bad week for fellow Iraq war mongers. Gonzalez was recalled to testify before Congress to explain how the rule of law by the justice department became politicized. Wolfowitz is under fire for ethics issues and may be removed as president of the world bank and lap dog Tony Blair has paid the political price for supporting your illegal invasion of a sovereign nation and has formally set the date for stepping down.

Another advertised "defining moment" occurred on Wednesday, in the West Wing where you received a “blunt discussion” for an hour and a half by moderate Republicans who are afraid they won’t be reelected.

Rep. Charlie Dent (
Pa.), one of the co-chairs of the moderate "Tuesday Group," included Reps. Thomas M. Davis III (Va.), Michael N. Castle (Del.), Todd R. Platts (Pa.), Jim Ramstad (Minn.) and Jo Ann Emerson (Mo.). Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (Va.)] said. 'People are always saying President Bush is in a bubble. Well, this was our chance, and we took it.' . . . Sounds noble but he is full of shit and most people know it.

This was all for show and carefully choreographed for public consumption.
This was just like your May 1, 2003 theatrical aircraft landing on the U.S.S. Lincoln where you claimed victory and the end of major combat operations in Iraq; May 9th 2007, is supposed to mark a more realistic chapter in your handling of the war.
Give it up junior, you have been lying to the American people for so long you don’t know how to do anything else.

This so-called” watershed moment in Republican politics is a delaying action.
Your adventure in nation building has failed, and continually misleading the country about Iraq must come to an end sometime. They even remarked that you don’t have the credibility with the people of this nation to speak about the war any more. It was great show for their respective constituents.

What finally sent these moderate republicans over the edge? Was it General Batiste’s TV ad which raked you over the coals, rebuking you for your falsehoods about this war.

The military is angry and several generals have decided to step up and speaking not only for the dead soldiers but for the ones who are still there.

General Shinseki, Wesley Clark Jack Murtha, have long been extremely critical about your administration’s invasion of Iraq and the management of the subsequent war.

Recently retired General Batiste has lashing out in a big way in a TV ad produced by VoteVets.org aimed at Republicans up for re-election in 08.

You now have to walk a fine line buddy. You want to make the voters believe that these Republican congressmen have made you see the light and provide them with enough cover to bolster their re-election efforts.

The game is to give these beleaguered Republican congressmen up for re-election something that can use to offset maneuvering by Democrats for their votes and giving the Democrats enough votes to override your vetoes.

And so it goes in our so-called wonderful Democracy. If this is a model of democracy can an absolute monarchy be much worse?

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