06 May 2007

Your royal lackeys are proving to be lacking junior.

Mr. President,
I see you have gone back to the barrel and released more unproven old "intelligence" to scare the American public.

It doesn't work for me junior. But. I'll tell you what does scare me. It is your efforts into insuring a near absolute monarchy and a republican reign of power to follow you.

Although newly elected, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry A. Waxman (D. Calif.) has been overwhelmed with areas of your administration that needed investigation, he has already found a few gems.

For instance, he recently uncovered that GSA chief Lurita Doan violated the Hatch act by discussing how to impose Republican party strategic directives at several government meetings, and use their department to "help" Republican candidates.

The initial
investigation disclosed 20 "political" briefings in 2006-2007. And there were other illegal meetings held throughout the last six years, making it clear that this was a common Bush administration practice.

Several other departments were also targeted to help elect Republican candidates besides the GSA.Department, they include, the Commerce Department, the EPA, the Veterans Affairs and Transportation, NASA, Small Business Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of Homeland Security. These departments are not the only ones involved, many more are suspected of also promoting Republicans and harming Democrats up for election.

There have been many instances where your use of republican cronyism had been exposed but up to now, there were only suspicions that you and your underlings violated the law and used the massive power of the federal government to elect republicans.

Monica Goodling's recent testimony corroborated the illegal activities in the Justice Department. It is the proof of the lengths you went through to insure the Republican party is in constant control of the U.S. government. But did you have to use so many incompetent fools?

Goodling, a graduate from Regent University, a "tier four" school according to the US News & World Report was established by Pat Robertson to bring God into American law.

You have been a real pal to Regent junior. If the article I read is credible, you hired more than 150 graduates from that law school into federal government positions, according to a university website.

Your use of political "commissars" Like Goodling, in major government agencies has to be the worst best-kept secret in Washington.

Your viceroy, Paul Bremer and your CPA, Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from April 2003 to June 2004 showed us your template for governance a while ago. If that was not enough, your administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina should have rung a bell for some people. Bush loyalty has consistently superseded actual experience and competence. Attorney General Gonzalez is just one more recent example of that.

Young Republican party commissars with no background were tapped to handle the most daunting projects in Iraq after your famous carrier landing.

You entrusted loyal bushies, Halliburton contractors and private security firms to rebuild the Iraq stock exchange, emergency rooms, water, sewage, schools and Iraq's electrical grid. If you didn't have enough loyal bush supporters you bought their loyalty. Some people would call them mercenaries.

So how surprising is it that Monica Goodling's experience prior to one of the most prestigious legal positions in the country is bequeathed to a woman whose only prior experience in hiring was in college.

You have granted precious assignment of
ambassadors to the United States to major Bush supporters, without much merit given to experience. There are 50 out of 171 ambassadors of which only 18 had any experience.

Placing Bush-loyal incompetents in charge of our most important institutions has to be the dumbest thing a president could do at a time when so much of the world hates our guts.

Every day we are witness to new information which leaks out from behind your iron curtain, but it is happening so often I don't think most concerned
Americans feel outrage anymore. We are much like the frog in a pot of water which has been heated up slowly until it is cooked without ever noticing anything is seriously wrong until it is dead.

Speaking about animals how fitting was it to see that bird shit on you during your news conference yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if that video clip doesn't go viral on the net.

But when will Americans notice just how much our fortunes have declined? Who knows what it will finally take to wake American Idol audience fans from their somnambulistic state.

But I digress, at least you are not the only target of the liberals now. While you sound off like an old crone screeching about al quida swimming across the ocean to attack us, the Democrats have moved from flinging arrows into receiving javelins of their own making.

Democrats came in with a bang in November only to end their espoused effort to limit your war with a whimper. It must have been the proximity to Memorial Day that sent those Democrats scurrying for cover even when 76% of Americans say the war is going badly and over 70 % say you are on the wrong track.

Although your disastrous exercise in establishing an American monarchy will go down as just that, the Democrats are showing the world that they are not the knights capable of challenging your reign.

Weak willed Democrats enabled you to start the Iraq war in 2003 and this week, weak-willed Democrats ignored the will of the people and passed the Iraq supplemental war-funding bill without constraints to keep the blood and oil flowing in your war without end.

I actually feel sorry for the Democrats who caved in. They now appear to be opportunistic politicians who glommed on to dispirited Americans and gleamed the ire you provoked only to betray the people who put them there.

Some anti-war supporters can't believe that the Democrats they supported in November would sacrifice soldier's lives for politics even though an increase in the minimum wage may have been part of the back door deal.

Many anti-war activists lost their cheery this week but, hey, how about that season finale on Grey's Anatomy?

The proof of violating the law to promote republicans into public office and your consistent enlistment of incompetent political hacks into our most important positions of power in our government coupled with the apparent betrayal of Democrats to their followers, Its been a sad week for anyone seeking justice. Turn that stove off Mabel, I think that frog is cooked.

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