06 May 2007

What me worry, where do I start?

Mr. President,
I have a question buddy. I don't know if I should worry more about the international or national threats you allowed happen on your watch.

Inattention to the rise of China’s military, Russia’s shadowy accumulation of energy resources, North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, and the rise of South America’s anti-American, left leaning governments have made the world a much more interesting and dangerous place without even counting what you did to the Mid East.

None of these developments seemed important enough to keep you from taking over 365 days of vacation during your presidency at your ranch in Crawford, Texas as of August 19, 2005. You have taken more vacation than any other president in the past 36 years," Dale McFeatters
wrote August 8, 2006, in a ScrippsNews editorial. It’s not like there is a war or if the country is facing any danger.

Lets start with your recent announcement to let a landmark nuclear arms reduction treaty
START, with Russia expire in 2009 and replace it with a less formal agreement that eliminates strict verification requirements and weapons limits.

Russia has since asked for an emergency meeting next month to discuss the impending arms race in Europe as Russia has now decided to disregard a Soviet-era
arms control treaty and called a moratorium on the treaty which limits the number of aircraft, tanks and other non-nuclear weapons around Europe.

While you busied yourself with justifying Iraq's occupation, defending Wofowitz, and Gonzalez while trying to keep Cheney and Rove out of jail, China has pushed ahead and expanded her satellite program. China is also providing funding and then
building communications satellites for third world nations like Nigeria, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan Peru, and Thailand. To be sure, they have scored many points with these countries, which are rich in natural resources which China needs to keep her economy growing This is while China has increased their military budget; by 17.8 percent in 2007.

China has also shot one of their own satellites out of its orbit, just because they could. They did this after they “
painted” one of our satellites several weeks before.

Back In 2005, China joined Russia in a first ever
joint exercises involving army, navy, air force units, and submarines. They said it was an exercise to help fight "terrorism" in their sphere of the world. How do they plan on using submarines and heavy artillery to fight the war on terrorism? Perhaps they have a different enemy in mind; I wonder who that might be? That phrase "War on terrorism" seems to mask a number of sins doesn't in junior?

Despite these foreign affairs, debacles I am not sure the National issues may not even be scarier.

Recently, you issued something called The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential
Directive without much fanfare on May 9th. It states that when you determine a catastrophic emergency has occurred you can take over all government functions and direct all private sector activities to ensure we will survive what ever catastrophe we have with an “enduring constitutional government.”

Here's the quote right from the White House website:
(b) "Catastrophic Emergency" means any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.

The Daily Kos had a recent diary which asked the question, what kind of event would trigger this directive to be enacted? Would something like an attack on a Saudi oil field fulfill the definition of severely disrupting our economy and allow you to “bogart” the entire government and put us under your military rule.

Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 expressly forbids you from directly commanding the military to execute any laws within the United States.

SEC. 15. From and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful to employ any part of the Army of the United States, as a posse comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases, and under such circumstances as such employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by act of Congress; and no money appropriated by this act shall be used to pay any of the expenses incurred in the employment of any troops in violation of this section And any person willfully violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding two years or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Given your penchant to consistently overreach the limits of the executive branch beyond the founder’s wildest dreams while undermining Congress's inability to countering your unconstitutional power grab, and securing further favorable treatment by Gonzo in the Justice Department, I would say this is a done deal.
Left unopposed, this new directive has all but assured your dictatorship of the United States when you choose to take it.

So tell me junior, should I worry about Russia and China's resurgence as world military powers or do I look closer to home and wonder when you will decide to choose your coronation?

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Date: May 31, 2007 2:09:45 AM CDT
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Frugal meals with my friend Gary

Mr. President,
I remember having a few beers at my good friend Gary's house about 20 years ago.  One particular summer afternoon recently came to mind.  We began the evening like so many other evenings discussing national and global problems hoping for a moment of clarity after a few beers soaked into our brains, when we stumbled upon the topic of the depression era and our parent's stories about how they survived it.

We were hardly rich back then; Gary and I only had a few thousand at-best in the bank between us and we both had significant mortgages on our houses but we were both employed and we liked what were doing.

Both of us came from poor families, and we both had several brothers and sisters. Neither one of us realized we were poor as we were growing up until we reached high school.

We spoke about how our lives were significantly better than what our parents had, and we both felt most Americans take the things they had for granted.  

We were amazed at what our parents had to do to feed and clothe so many kids, and we wondered if we were creative enough, skilled enough, frugal enough to make it if we suddenly had to deal with a depression.

That evening we decided to find out what was the minimum we could spend to make good nutritious meals for four people.

One week we made dinner while my friend Gary and his wife made the appetizer and dessert. The following week my wife and I made the appetizer, and the dessert, and Gary and his wife made the dinner.

Each week both of our families alternated making appetizers, dinner and dessert.
We began with the notion that we could not repeat any meals, and we had to show what we spent on the foodstuffs, but that didn't last long. We got lazy about keeping track of the costs, but we did cut back significantly on our food budgets.

It was kind of difficult,  but it was fun nonetheless. We both tried out the recipes before our scheduled Friday meal to make sure the meal was OK for human consumption.  This was way before Food TV.  Both of our families exchanged many recipes and we learned a lot about cooking on a restricted budget.

We kept it up for a few months until I started traveling for the company I worked for, and we never got the effort restarted.

My good friend died suddenly a few years later. I miss him a lot and I still think fondly of the time we had together and our Friday night meals. My wife and I still use some of the recipes from those Friday meals.

Back then we could "play" at being poor without any risk. We rarely rated any meal less than "pretty good" but if things didn't work out we could have gone out to dinner.  Our frugal meals reminded me  of the many times my mom stretched a round steak to feed a family of nine.

The memories of those evenings came to mind as I see the your economy crushing the lives of so many Americans.  

Every news show is reporting about the high cost of gasoline, the impact on many items people need every day and the sacrifices many people are making.

So many Americans are cutting back on gas, health care,  car repair, and clothing to keep food on the table for their families.

Your administration has been a plague with one disaster after another and it is the average American who is paying the price of your hubris and rush to reign roughshod over the world and our constitution.

I am so disheartened that there is a significant chance the children of this generation will not have it as good as we did and may will have to do more than just play at being poor as Gary and I did.

As China takes the center stage with all the Wal Mart money and begins to push us aside as the world's premier consumer nation, will the American dollar become yesterday's pound as far as international currencies are concerned?  How far away is our economy from regressing to Depression era norms?

I sit here listening to the news and I wonder how far away are American middle-class families from having "real" not "play acting" frugal nights across the nation.

And we have you to thank for it junior.

Your royal lackeys are proving to be lacking junior.

Mr. President,
I see you have gone back to the barrel and released more unproven old "intelligence" to scare the American public.

It doesn't work for me junior. But. I'll tell you what does scare me. It is your efforts into insuring a near absolute monarchy and a republican reign of power to follow you.

Although newly elected, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry A. Waxman (D. Calif.) has been overwhelmed with areas of your administration that needed investigation, he has already found a few gems.

For instance, he recently uncovered that GSA chief Lurita Doan violated the Hatch act by discussing how to impose Republican party strategic directives at several government meetings, and use their department to "help" Republican candidates.

The initial
investigation disclosed 20 "political" briefings in 2006-2007. And there were other illegal meetings held throughout the last six years, making it clear that this was a common Bush administration practice.

Several other departments were also targeted to help elect Republican candidates besides the GSA.Department, they include, the Commerce Department, the EPA, the Veterans Affairs and Transportation, NASA, Small Business Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of Homeland Security. These departments are not the only ones involved, many more are suspected of also promoting Republicans and harming Democrats up for election.

There have been many instances where your use of republican cronyism had been exposed but up to now, there were only suspicions that you and your underlings violated the law and used the massive power of the federal government to elect republicans.

Monica Goodling's recent testimony corroborated the illegal activities in the Justice Department. It is the proof of the lengths you went through to insure the Republican party is in constant control of the U.S. government. But did you have to use so many incompetent fools?

Goodling, a graduate from Regent University, a "tier four" school according to the US News & World Report was established by Pat Robertson to bring God into American law.

You have been a real pal to Regent junior. If the article I read is credible, you hired more than 150 graduates from that law school into federal government positions, according to a university website.

Your use of political "commissars" Like Goodling, in major government agencies has to be the worst best-kept secret in Washington.

Your viceroy, Paul Bremer and your CPA, Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from April 2003 to June 2004 showed us your template for governance a while ago. If that was not enough, your administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina should have rung a bell for some people. Bush loyalty has consistently superseded actual experience and competence. Attorney General Gonzalez is just one more recent example of that.

Young Republican party commissars with no background were tapped to handle the most daunting projects in Iraq after your famous carrier landing.

You entrusted loyal bushies, Halliburton contractors and private security firms to rebuild the Iraq stock exchange, emergency rooms, water, sewage, schools and Iraq's electrical grid. If you didn't have enough loyal bush supporters you bought their loyalty. Some people would call them mercenaries.

So how surprising is it that Monica Goodling's experience prior to one of the most prestigious legal positions in the country is bequeathed to a woman whose only prior experience in hiring was in college.

You have granted precious assignment of
ambassadors to the United States to major Bush supporters, without much merit given to experience. There are 50 out of 171 ambassadors of which only 18 had any experience.

Placing Bush-loyal incompetents in charge of our most important institutions has to be the dumbest thing a president could do at a time when so much of the world hates our guts.

Every day we are witness to new information which leaks out from behind your iron curtain, but it is happening so often I don't think most concerned
Americans feel outrage anymore. We are much like the frog in a pot of water which has been heated up slowly until it is cooked without ever noticing anything is seriously wrong until it is dead.

Speaking about animals how fitting was it to see that bird shit on you during your news conference yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if that video clip doesn't go viral on the net.

But when will Americans notice just how much our fortunes have declined? Who knows what it will finally take to wake American Idol audience fans from their somnambulistic state.

But I digress, at least you are not the only target of the liberals now. While you sound off like an old crone screeching about al quida swimming across the ocean to attack us, the Democrats have moved from flinging arrows into receiving javelins of their own making.

Democrats came in with a bang in November only to end their espoused effort to limit your war with a whimper. It must have been the proximity to Memorial Day that sent those Democrats scurrying for cover even when 76% of Americans say the war is going badly and over 70 % say you are on the wrong track.

Although your disastrous exercise in establishing an American monarchy will go down as just that, the Democrats are showing the world that they are not the knights capable of challenging your reign.

Weak willed Democrats enabled you to start the Iraq war in 2003 and this week, weak-willed Democrats ignored the will of the people and passed the Iraq supplemental war-funding bill without constraints to keep the blood and oil flowing in your war without end.

I actually feel sorry for the Democrats who caved in. They now appear to be opportunistic politicians who glommed on to dispirited Americans and gleamed the ire you provoked only to betray the people who put them there.

Some anti-war supporters can't believe that the Democrats they supported in November would sacrifice soldier's lives for politics even though an increase in the minimum wage may have been part of the back door deal.

Many anti-war activists lost their cheery this week but, hey, how about that season finale on Grey's Anatomy?

The proof of violating the law to promote republicans into public office and your consistent enlistment of incompetent political hacks into our most important positions of power in our government coupled with the apparent betrayal of Democrats to their followers, Its been a sad week for anyone seeking justice. Turn that stove off Mabel, I think that frog is cooked.

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Date: May 25, 2007 9:57:15 PM CDT
To: guzmatom@mac.com

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War Czar, you're kidding right and the distance to violence.

Mr. President,
Watching your administration deteriorate every week is so sad. The dents have become cracks, which have grown until they become huge fissures.
Although you have gotten used to splashing around in Iraq’s blood, your fellow Republicans are not and the early run by presidential nominees have brought the ‘08’ elections into view for many americans. It is not pretty for Republicans. Civilian deaths keep mounting and American soldiers keep dying,
The concept of death and suffering is hard to bring home to people unless it happens to someone they know or to someone they can relate to. The Virginia Tech murders put the violence front and center for all Americans to see.
The media meticulously covered every bit every angle of the story and together the mass media market brought the sense of personal devistation, sorrow and anguish.
Now imagine multiple Virginia Tech murders happening with a higher brutality factor every day all around Iraq. It does not have the same impact does it?
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there is there a sound? If people are dying and bleeding every day because of something our government did but it is not in our time zone or in our hemisphere, is it really terrible? Is a foreigner’s blood less precious? Is their sorrow less agonizing? Is the function of distance inversely proportional to how much Americans care?
The blood is real, the suffering is real, the anger is real and unfortunately the element of revenge against America is also real.
Each time there is a bombing, an execution, an air strike an ied attack, there are survivors who remember, who grieve and who will want revenge. May God help our country when some of them exact an “appropriate” revenge upon us.
Speaking about blame what is the reason for your war czar? It is obvious that he is to take the blame for Iraq’s bloodshed. Do you think this ruse will get the American people to disassociate you and the Republicans from the Iraq war? What are you, high?
American hope for the future seems so bleak and hope is so utterly shattered right now.
The last time hope in America was shattered so badly was on June 5, 1968, when Sirhan Sirhan shot presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
Hope was mercifully dashed in an instant back then, you managed to drag hope’s death out for six long years and counting.
But luckily for America, it has so many young people who are still positive. Is it any wonder that a youthful optimistic figure like Obama is so popular right now?

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Date: May 17, 2007 2:32:35 AM CDT
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We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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When the lights go on these Republicans run for cover.

Mr. President,
It’s a bad week for fellow Iraq war mongers. Gonzalez was recalled to testify before Congress to explain how the rule of law by the justice department became politicized. Wolfowitz is under fire for ethics issues and may be removed as president of the world bank and lap dog Tony Blair has paid the political price for supporting your illegal invasion of a sovereign nation and has formally set the date for stepping down.

Another advertised "defining moment" occurred on Wednesday, in the West Wing where you received a “blunt discussion” for an hour and a half by moderate Republicans who are afraid they won’t be reelected.

Rep. Charlie Dent (
Pa.), one of the co-chairs of the moderate "Tuesday Group," included Reps. Thomas M. Davis III (Va.), Michael N. Castle (Del.), Todd R. Platts (Pa.), Jim Ramstad (Minn.) and Jo Ann Emerson (Mo.). Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (Va.)] said. 'People are always saying President Bush is in a bubble. Well, this was our chance, and we took it.' . . . Sounds noble but he is full of shit and most people know it.

This was all for show and carefully choreographed for public consumption.
This was just like your May 1, 2003 theatrical aircraft landing on the U.S.S. Lincoln where you claimed victory and the end of major combat operations in Iraq; May 9th 2007, is supposed to mark a more realistic chapter in your handling of the war.
Give it up junior, you have been lying to the American people for so long you don’t know how to do anything else.

This so-called” watershed moment in Republican politics is a delaying action.
Your adventure in nation building has failed, and continually misleading the country about Iraq must come to an end sometime. They even remarked that you don’t have the credibility with the people of this nation to speak about the war any more. It was great show for their respective constituents.

What finally sent these moderate republicans over the edge? Was it General Batiste’s TV ad which raked you over the coals, rebuking you for your falsehoods about this war.

The military is angry and several generals have decided to step up and speaking not only for the dead soldiers but for the ones who are still there.

General Shinseki, Wesley Clark Jack Murtha, have long been extremely critical about your administration’s invasion of Iraq and the management of the subsequent war.

Recently retired General Batiste has lashing out in a big way in a TV ad produced by VoteVets.org aimed at Republicans up for re-election in 08.

You now have to walk a fine line buddy. You want to make the voters believe that these Republican congressmen have made you see the light and provide them with enough cover to bolster their re-election efforts.

The game is to give these beleaguered Republican congressmen up for re-election something that can use to offset maneuvering by Democrats for their votes and giving the Democrats enough votes to override your vetoes.

And so it goes in our so-called wonderful Democracy. If this is a model of democracy can an absolute monarchy be much worse?

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Date: May 11, 2007 12:33:07 AM CDT
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