Your uncivil civil war should grant you an asterisk

Mr. President,
A few years ago I traveled to New York to “greet” your fellow republicans at the RNC convention.

It was there, that an NPR reporter asked me what concerned me the most if you won a second term. I was only halfway kidding when I said I was apprehensive about a “civil war.” I didn’t realize how prophetic I was.
You declared your war with Democrats and critics as soon as you took office and has since been run with all the divisiveness and vindictiveness of one long nasty campaign.

You purposely polarized America for years, just so you could maintain your base of supporters. Every piece of legislation you pushed, such as stem cell research, school vouchers, no child left behind, assault weapons, tax cuts, oil company incentives, lower pollution standards, medicare legislation and abortion rights were all intended to benefit huge business concerns like pharmaceuticals, oil companies, energy companies, lumber, religious zealots, the rich and gun-lovers. What is noteworthy is that none of these legislative issues are in-line with the majority of the country.

While many people including myself characterize you as incompetent, your administration has been quite effective on one issue and that was to adroitly load up each major government agency with political officers to insure blind adherence to your wishes without regard to science or the betterment of the majority of the American people.

Toxic campaigns which your cadre of operatives enacted, such as your now famous “swift boating” of candidates, manipulation of voting rights campaigns, blatant redistricting for republicans, plus the manipulation of where and how many voting machines were placed in key states were part of your overall strategy to assure republican victories and it must have made republicans feel infallible.

Despite all of your party’s dirty tricks, manipulation of judges, voting machine locations, investigations of Democrat rivals, and purging voting rolls of minority voters, a sufficient number of Democrats were still elected in both houses to initiate long-overdue Congressional oversight responsibilities.

Last November’s election was a wake-up call for all Republicans who thought the divisive battlements you and the RNC had in place would assure their re-election. Those illegal hindrances imposed by the RNC were widely breached, and Democrats swarmed the Capital.

Nonetheless the damage has been done. These last years have been marked by many battles at social and family get-togethers across the country.
People have been arrested at gatherings for having the wrong bumper sticker, Alabama lawmakers recently got into a fist fight, travelers were removed form flights for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts, homes have been vandalized, and lifelong friendships have been irrevocably damaged.

The decorum of congressmen has also changed significantly.
When your republicans were in the majority, Democrats were routinely left out of important committees and were not included in any significant caucuses;

Republicans relegated them to meet by themselves in the basement. Minority democratic leaders were never invited to the White House to discuss important bills. You and your fellow Republicans treated them like crap.
Democrats have taken majority positions in both houses of Congress, and they have long memories; they remember the many slights and outright insults.

Republicans now have to drink from the well, they pissed in for six years. It looks as though it will be tit for tat which may keep Congress hopelessly deadlocked for the remainder of your term and beyond.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see something in our future, akin to both parties in Congress to continue to war against each other because of past misdeeds by the other party. Rule by revenge and vindication may easily continue to be the norm.

It wasn’t enough for you to destroy our economy and set the Mid East ablaze in violence, you had to cripple our law making ability as well?

But I believe Congress will have to kiss and make up soon because large business interests will not allow them to remain deadlocked for long.

America needs an Abraham Lincoln. We need a hero; someone who will be able to heal the deep wounds you caused as you carved up America to your liking.

This is your legacy junior. During the American Civil War confederate states wanted to separate from the union. While you did not separate the states physically, you did separate out who you paid attention to and only served those people who supported your party and ignored the rest of the country's needs.

There should be an asterisk next to your name in the history books because you were not a true American president.

You were not a president of the people. You are in fact, a faux president; someone that only served a small portion of the electorate such as, neo-conservatives, religious zealots, the rich, and the military-industrial complex.

So, although America did not have actual pitched battles across the country with muskets and drawn bayonets, you have created a serious separation within America unheard-of in modern times.

What can we call people who jeopardize the well being of our nation to the degree you have?

The separation within families neighbors, business associates, Congress and states cut this nation apart at when unity is our best chance to deal with an ever-changing world. It is impossible to judge how much our country will suffer because of your actions.

The daunting task of repairing our image, uniting our dispirited and divided country, will be monumental and it may take a generation of leadership and good will to repair all of the damage.

On personal evaluations, they say "one 'ah shit' is greater than ten 'atta boys," but in your case junior, it was just all "ah shit."

Date: June 22, 2007 3:40:20 PM CDT

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