Buying love in all the wrong places

Mr President,
When plane-loads of cash, bombs and soldiers didn’t produce a democracy in Iraq why do you think they will buy you allies you can trust?
The writing is on the wall America is going to reduce its military footprint in Iraq sooner or later, so besides having the largest private army in the world in Iraq already, you have wisely chosen to pay and arm Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and boosted Israel’s yearly financial aid by several billion dollars.

Pakistan gets $750 million
The United States is planning to pour
$750 million in aid into Pakistan's tribal areas over the next five years as part of implementing a new and better "hearts and minds" campaign to win over the lawless region from Al Qaeda and Taliban militants. I know Karen Hughes has to be involved somewhere behind this one, It has that “too little too late” component to it like your “surge.”

Bush to offer $190 million in aid to Palestinians
After Hamas took over the Gaza strip, you panicked and suddenly decided to help Mahmoud Abbas and his corrupt Fatah party after ignoring Palestinian issue for six years. Valving off all money to the West Bank and providing $190 million in new funding will only exacerbate the situation, but you were never very good at understanding the Mid East to begin with.

Saudi Arabia gets weapons and money
Your administration also plans to supply state-of-the-art weapons to Riyadh to a counter the growing Iranian influence in the area, thanks to your ill-advised war.
If this request is passed it will
provide Saudi Arabia with advanced weapons known as Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or JDAMs. which convert simple regular “dumb” bombs into "smart" weapons.
A total of $20 billion will be awarded to the Saudis over the next decade at a time when it was recently disclosed that the majority of foreign fighters in Iraq are Saudis.

Egypt will continue to get paid as well.
Senior administration officials said Friday that you will also seek congressional approval for additional military aid to Egypt, which currently gets $1.3 billion of our tax money every year. I don’t remember hearing about any egyptian troops mentioned in your “coalition of the willing.”
President Bush and Rice have both criticized the lack of democracy in Egypt, but that never stopped the United States from funding countries in the past. I still have that picture of Rumsfield shaking hands with Saddam Heussein just before we helped supply him chemical weapons to kill Iranians and Kurds.

Israel is assuaged with a 43% bump.
I would have thought that Israel would be fairly upset that you are arming the Saudis to this extent but fortunately you have allied their fears by giving them a 43 percent bump in U.S. military aid to help replace a lot of the equipment they spent destroying Lebanon’s airports, electric grid and other civilian utilities as Israel’s military battled Hezbollah in a loosing effort last year, They will get over $3 billion a year and it is to be guaranteed for 10 years for a whopping $30 billion. Millions of Lebanese people still remember when you refused to intervene on their behalf to get Israel to quit targeting civilian targets.
According to a piece in the Seattle Intelligencer, the United States has not historically provided satellite-guided munitions to Arab countries in the past, although Israel has been getting them from us since the mid-1990s to make sure that Israel keeps a military edge over its regional enemies.

Most of the foreign fighters in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia
Fighters from Saudi Arabia are reported to have carried out more suicide bombings than those of any other nationality, said a senior U.S. officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity. That is just a detail, like the fact that the majority of attackers on 9/11 were Saudi nationals. And besides, Saudi Arabia needs the money, they can barely get by with the paltry sum they get for the oil they sell to the world. And where else can they get sophisticated weapons, we are the only nation that can make precise bombs; besides China and Russia and South Korea and Taiwan, and Spain and Britain, and Germany and Italy and France and Sweden, and; then there is Pakistan, and perhaps India, but that’s all.

Billions of dollars couldn’t buy you a democracy in Iraq.
Despite the billions of dollars you sent to Iraq it didn’t seem to help you very much so far.
Today we hear that
Maliki’s government is not only going on vacation while American soldiers continue to fight and die in a useless war.
Prime Minister Maliki has taken a page from your page on hubris and also purported to say that he will be asking for you to replace General Patreaus as well because he disapproves of the general’s arming of Sunni tribesmen to help fight “al quaeda” fighters in Anbar and Diyala provinces.

Glowing September Reports look a little dim right now.
Can’t wait until September when we hear the glowing remarks about progress in Iraq. But since refusing to divulge iraqi deaths you have also
suspended a past metric which tallied the number of hours of electricity Bagdad has.
Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the availability of electricity for Baghdad residents decreased from five to six hours a day earlier this year, down to one to two hours worth of electricity per day. So, in keeping with your policy of eliminating bad news by not reporting it, Congress has not been receiving any more reports on hours of electricity available per day in Bagdad.

It may not matter to you but it matters to the average Iraqi, who may still have a place to live in. There is nothing like a little electricity when temperatures are over 110 degrees.

Money Money Money!
Money can’t buy you love, win you a war or buy reliable allies. you have to earn trust to have trustworthy allies otherwise you just have yes men. mercenaries and prostitutes.

The love affair has to end sometime.
Wait a minute I think I just described your cabinet except for Alberto Gonzalez who is just a submissive that loves you.

Did you find him at an S&M club? I can see him in a red ball gag, a spiked neck collar, trussed up on a rack. The man loves to be degraded.

Did you ever hear the story about the octopus who is given a sealed bottle with a fish in it? After a while the octopus manages to open the bottle and eats the fish. Gonzalez is the fish, the bottle is the White House and the Democrats are the Octopus. Like most of your appointees Gonzo is loyal but inept. Sooner or later the Democrats are going to get him.

Your best hope is to pat Gonzalez on the head, tell him you still love him and fire him. Then make a recess appointment. Place another loyal Bushie in place to keep the Democrats from filling the position with anyone who will actually investigate the many illegal activities you and Cheney perpetrated.

Coffee break
Well, that’s all for now. I have to take out the money I have left in my IRA and buy a cup of coffee.

Date: July 31, 2007 2:04:34 AM CDT

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