Third Party

I'm here for the party, but it maybe a third party.

Mr. President,
You must be getting very lonely as one advisor after another leaves the ship. But you will not let the U.S.S. Bush go down alone; you have successfully snared our Congress as you circle the drain.

The long overdue investigations of your illegal politicization of our government using among others, Alberto Gonzalez's department, plus the threatened contempt of congress citation by Senator Pat Leahy are just this week's White House disasters.

Disheartened and demoralized minority Republican legislators pushed by your small but powerful group of right-wing white evangelicals and xenophobic conservatives are willing to stagnate Congress. Republicans willing to pick up the right-wing baton are able and willing to kill off almost any legislative activity sponsored by Democrats.

Subsequently, the dead locked Congress has joined you in your downward plunge in the polls.

Besides Laura and Barney, the fanatics who comprise your base are all you have left.
Your last affront to America and her law was your commutation of Libby’s sentence.

After Scooter received his federal inmate number by the Bureau of Prisons (28301-016), and a
federal appeals panel of judges unanimously ruled that Libby was out of legal options, you had to do something to assuage the only supporters you had. You had to commute his sentence. You tempered it somewhat by not completely absolving him; yet anyway.

The comparison which many Americans can understand, is that Paris Hilton can go to jail for a minor parole violation, but someone who was found guilty of obstructing justice in a federal investigation about outing a CIA spy is not a big deal and should not go to jail. Anyone who now believes Scooter did not have your prior promise not to go to jail before lying to the Grand Jury or to FBI agents is delusional.

You made Cheney and company happy but between this ruling and the republican sabotage of the immigration bill, you and your Republican buddies have almost guaranteed that a Democrat will win the presidency in 08’.

Timing is everything. You wanted to wait to absolve Scooter as you left office, but even you can't control the entire judicial system. So you were forced to make good on your promise and overturn the court's decision. At least you are consistent. This is just like the signing statements you add to every decision made by Congress. You and Cheney have made it clear you are above the law.

This will prove to be more disastrous to the GOP, than firing Rumsfield after the November election in 2006.

It’s not as though you weren’t unpopular enough with your poor performance on national issues, global warming and the Iraq war. Are you trying to purposely set a record for the lowest approval for Presidents since polls were started or have you calmly accepted the fact that your presidency is beyond redemption?

If Democrats take this latest affront lying down, the nation may begin to consider the unthinkable; a third party.

The lackluster performance of the new Congress and the prior lack of serious contention ny many Democrats, of any of your flawed programs not only decreases faith in government officials but short of leaving the country, many people may begin to think about a third political option.

Is Bloomberg watching? Although he may be a dark horse, he would still take votes away from both Republicans and Democrats.

Obama and Clinton are still the leading contenders. Obama’s record setting fund raising effort should be a clue about where America’s heart seems to be right now.

Is it any wonder, young discouraged voters are scurrying away from traditional candidates and to Obama, a new face, someone who has not been tainted by beltway shenanigans, or machine politics?

Of the remaining leading Democrat contenders, Clinton has her work cut out for her. Edwards, although very appealing and progressive enough for many Democrats, has not hit a rich vein of donors, although he is still keeping up. The long race to the finish line may prove to be too debilitating if he does not get a surge in campaign donations.

So, the beat goes on. Your base keeps clamoring for more and more as they see the door closing on their world and our soldiers keep dying in your failed invasion of Iraq. The average American keeps getting poorer while your rich friends keep reinvesting their tax-exempt stock dividends.

I wonder what it may take for Americans to rebel against both parties if citizens continue feeling their votes can only continue to go to the worst of two options?

Just because most voters know our political parties are flawed, it does not mean they will always keep putting up with the status quo. The key to keeping a third party out of the picture may be to make sure most Americans are not seriously outraged or inconvenienced. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and other distractions may be critical to both parties.

Hell, soon it may even be considered un-American to ignore Paris.

Date: July 2, 2007 10:35:08 PM CDT

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