Alberto Gonzalez

Can you get Alberto's wife to cry?

Can you get Rebecca to cry at the upcoming Congressional hearings where Alberto is scheduled to meet on the Hill regarding DOMESTIC SPYING?
Is Rummy not used to dissent from anyone? You bet!

"Canadians voted for hope over fear and accountability over corruption," senior Conservative Jason Kenney said. I wonder if American voters will do the same this November?

I think I heard some administration officials have already typed up the planned leaking of good "news" that the Iraqi police force is making significant strides. It will therefore only be natural that since "the situation on the ground" has improved significantly, June would be a good time to formally announce the partial pullout.

The pr was "We will not stay there one more day than what we have to" right junior. The summer photo ops of returning soldiers during September would be just about perfect. Time to fit on that flight suit!

Why you bother with this nation of slackers is a wonder. If it wasn't for all those unpatriotic young slackers you could avoid the guaranteed bad news about a fractured Iraq in January 2007. Who knew that "Thin Green Line" would snap in May, because of low recruitment and retention? Damn that Krepinevich!

Here is a way out. Use the Air Force and CIA drones to drop those "perfectly targeted" smart bombs that can only kill Insurgents. You have plenty of videos from the first Gulf War of bombs hitting a window in a bunker to show the country how you can surgically strike down our enemies in this "New Phase of the War on Terror." You know Fox will happily set aside whatever time is needed to show the videos over and over.

You said, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did anticipate a serious storm." Is this from the same person who wrote " Who would have thought that terrorists would use planes as weapons"? And "I do not recall meeting Abramoff." You're look like a "deceiver" again. Isn't it funny how bits of truth come out regardless of how hard you try to cover it up? (See FEMA and NISAC reports)

Think about this for a minute, the pictures of you and Abramoff and you and "KennyBoy" are not as damaging as Rummy's picture of him shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.

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