Capital Athletic Foundation

Cheney and Bibi sitting in a tree.

Mr. President,
American contractors have hit it big from your production of The Iraq My Father Didn't Know.

Lets compare the money you gave Iraq contractors against the money the movie Titanic raked in over the life of the movie. Titanic brought in about $1.8 billion. But your hit is bringing in twice as much for Cheney's buddies, every week. It's a hit with a bullet. Reality shows are in, buddy.

There are the critics however and unfortunately many soldiers are just dying to get out of this production. I heard over 2,200 just died laughing and over 30,000 had to be carried out of the theatre New customers are getting harder to get. Maybe allowing gem-x post boomers into the show will help get your numbers up.

Berlusconi is pulling out his 2500 troops this year, something about spring elections.  He is saying something like you did but without the aircraft carrier and the flight suit. On the bright side, you can put 2500 more KBR employees on contract and fatten up The Carlyle Group's wallet that much more. 

Here is the question of the day.  How do you think Cheney and "Bibi" are going to deal with the Abramoff fallout and something called the Capital Athletic Foundation? The money-laundering web just gets better and better with Israel, London law firms, cruise ships and Russian oil, boy you can't make this up. Netanyahu and Cheney wouldn't be trying to plan a distraction like a war with Syria or even Iran or both?
You got the making of another great new hit here junior.
Date: January 17, 2006

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