Another one bites the dust.

Mr. President,

I bet you wished Castro would have died a lonely unpopular man.
Chile seems to be the latest country to have a LLL, (Leftest Leaning Leader). And a lot of it is due to the inspiring model of capitalism you have promoted with your compassionate and thoughtful leadership.
How can those South American countries shun American capitalism when you have proven how your system of consistent catering to big business and the rich has been so effective at leveling the playing field to make the United States such a successful example of "trickle down economics"
Maybe it's the record number of unemployed, credit debt, foreclosures, people without health insurance, and the dwindling status of our school systems, while having record company profits, "productivity" with the Dow hitting 11,000.
Nothing breeds success like success.
Date: January 12, 2006

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