Is Catching Osama Really That Urgent?

Mr. President,

I heard you said on Wednesday that "Americans should take Osama bin Laden seriously." This just begs the question. If he is so important why haven't you caught him? You are commander in chief of the most powerful military power the world. Could it be that a free Osama is much more valuable to your political agenda, so he can make occasional videos to keep Americans in a state of fear?

Does it keep you up nights that China now owns $819 billion of our currency? This is quite odd because they could make more money by investing it into their own economy. Do you wonder what they are up to? And China's trade with us is now $300 billion which makes them larger than Japan's. China is fast become the largest economy engine in the world. And they are presently siding with Iran.

The military jury in Colorado is making it hard for Karen to "win hearts and minds" when the penalty for murdering an iraqi prisoner during an interrogation session is a reprimand. Seems like spilling Iraq blood is comparable to tossing garbage out of a car window.

Did you know that In Iraq, the Marines place the troops' bodies, their family photos and other belongings in metal cases packed with 40 pounds of ice each. 40 pounds of ice to keep the body and or body parts from further deterioration. How many tons of ice will they need this year junior?

Meanwhile Rick Santorum is doing what he can to promote recruitment into the armed services. He recently asked "What I am asking all of you tonight, is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker."

Here is a question bouncing around the internet. What would we do if we lived in 1936 Germany as Hitler used propaganda, fear and threats to consolidating his power? What did these Germans of 1944 wish they had done a decade earlier?

Date: January 26, 2006 10:43:40 PM CST

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