You got one major hit junior are you shooting for another?

January 19, 2006
Mr. President,

Congratulations! I heard Al Queda has already decide to grant you their lifetime achievement award as "Recruiter of the Year" for invading Iraq. I understand that you may get a special award for tying up American counter intelligence assets by wiretapping Americans that could have otherwise been used to find real terrorists.

Cheney is also in the running for best supporting actor by promoting the NSA wiretapping program with his claims of saving thousands of lives.

On a different note, every one knows what a kidder you are. This will be reinforced in 21 days when Tony Blair will have to release the memo of your conversation suggesting the bombing of Aljazeera.

Speaking of propaganda, tell Hastert that it is no use to close the barn door now the cows have already escaped.

And here is someone who didn't escape. Call Arnold and see if he can send you a tape of Clarence Ray Allen's last breath. You know you want to see it, for old times sake.

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