No good deed goes unpunished.

Mr. President,
Tough things seem to happen to your war supporters, Ukraine gets hit with a huge gas bill then Georgia's gas pipeline is destroyed with mysterious explosions during a record cold freeze resulting in millions of people with no heat. Romania and Poland are on the EU's hit list for managing U.S. vacation spas in Europe without a permit. Mushararraf is up to his armpits in protesters and Sharon is a carrot.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Speaking of good deeds your handholding buddy from Saudi Arabia is making nice to China and granting them more oil. Maybe they figured out how to squeeze oil out of a rock instead of just blood. The good news is that means higher oil prices and more money will be available for Republicans in November. Don't worry, you can placate the sheep, I mean the base about the higher gas prices.

How about making some hollow remarks about "developing alternative energy sources" It has a nice ring to it. Just like "terrorist surveillance." You guys would make a killing writing jingles. That would be a refreshing change, Instead of just killing.

Did those mean Secret Service men remove Ambamoff's picture out from under your pillow? Don't cry junior, at least they left Cheney's picture there, for now.

I heard Rummy is quite happy with his hand picket generals. I understand he has them all wired so they shake their heads in unison. Just like your staff.

You got to get someone to talk to the USAID about their recent analysis on Iraq. It kind makes you look like you are ... how do we say it "considerably exaggerating the facts." or is it just a fundraiser? Either way they don't sound like team players.

Date: January 24, 2006 12:06:04 PM CST

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