Noel Hillman

Screw Nawlins!

Mr. President,
Screw New Orleans they only represent 9 electoral votes and there are now more Republicans in the state because Katrina did a better job of redistricting than Tom Delay ever could. You can't justify spending $85 billion to chase after 9 lousy electoral votes! And besides you know all those poor black people's votes (those who voted anyway), you saw on TV weren't counted anyway.

Condoleeza Rice has the impossible task of trying to keep Abbas in some kind of position of power. Give her some extra spending money junior, so she can buy some shoes. Israel's use of American helicopters, and jets against rock-throwing Palestinians seems to have caused a small backlash.
By the way think about sending your whole cabinet to negotiations school junior. Hard-line tactics that you and Sharon used only increases the power of terrorist groups like Al Queada and Hamas. You must learn to be more than a one-trick pony Georgie boy.

Think about this, the more you say "there's no doubt in my mind it is legal." the more it sounds like you are saying "I am not a crook".

You might get to put Harriet back on the list if Ann Coulter gets her way. She made a Freudian slip at Philander Smith College when she said "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' crème Brule," She went on to say "That's just a joke, for you in the media," but I don’t think Justice Stevens is laughing.

Why do you bait the dems with silly comments like calling Sen. Hillary Clinton, a potential candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, as "formidable, Do you think they were waiting for you to say ooooh I’m afraid of Hillary.”

You haven't mentioned Lincoln in quite a while. Do you think you can fit him in somewhere around promoting nuke power, "I am not a criminal" and "everything is ok” speech next Tuesday?

Kudos junior! Nominating Hillman for a federal judgeship was a nice move junior. Noel L. Hillman was the lead prosecutor in day-to-day management of the Abramoff investigation since it began almost two year ago. He must have been awfully close to something really hot for you to promote him to a judgeship to get him out of there. This move pretty much ends his involvement in the Amramoff inquiry. If you can't fire them promote them out of the picture.

Alito is a shoe in the dems never had have a chance, in fact they look more silly than normal, but did you ever wonder if Alito is really going to tow the conservative party line after he gets in? He might decide to follow what the Constitution's founders intended instead.
Date: January 28, 2006 2:37:38 PM CST

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