North Korea

Loosing The Grunts And Allies

Mr. President,
I have been feeling oddly satisfied lately, almost peaceful. It is not the same feeling I would get for saying "I told you so" to those disillusioned people who supported you, it is better than that.

Now that many major media networks have jumped on the "Bush is incompetent" and "Republicans are Immoral" wagon," I don't feel like a madman yelling into the wind anymore. The winds are not on your back anymore junior, they have severly shifted into a strong headwind and there is a huge chorus of voices in the air daring to question your policies and propaganda.

You have made so many egregious errors how could they help it? You made it easy to disparage you and your administration, it has even become popular to "Bash Bush."

When you proclaimed Iran, Iraq and North Korea as your axis of evil, I was dumbfounded by the extent of your stupidity.

You are such an uneducated, unenlightened shit. You are so easily led around by Crazy-Man Cheney and the other neo-conservatives in your midst.

Did they whisper in your ear; "If you do as we recommend, you will be honored for years Mr. President"; "You will surpass your father's achievements"; You are special; Trust us; God wants you to do this; You are special."

So, what have years of "go-it-alone " and "don't negotiate with people you don't like " policy got you?

Iraq has sucked up almost half a trillion dollars, and thousands of liters of American blood with no end in sight.

It's hard to believe that the United States, the world's super power, invades a small Mid-Eastern country with an emaciated infrastructure; a fourth rate army, and you still found a way to screw it up.

Despite the notorious image you gave Iran they have not been deterred from continuing their work on nuclear power. Anti-American extremist Muslim groups have sprouted up like weeds all over the world. Anti-American sentiment in general has grown in every country.

Lebanon's fledgling democracy has been essentially destroyed when you allowed Israel to bomb their country to pieces.

The Ukraine's "Orange revolution" has come off the tracks and has fallen back into Putin's sphere of influence.

And now North Korea has reportedly exploded a small atomic weapon. It was a puny explosion about a half-kiloton according to a senior intelligence official. I seem to remember another large explosion they set off a few years ago which left a large crater. Our intelligence agency said it was probably created by conventional explosives. Perhaps Kim is, toying with your emotions again.

Your daddy's man James Baker has been sent to bail you out of another mess. Daddy always comes through doesn't he? His bi-partisan committee has been working on the Iraq quagmire and may report that Iraq should be split along ethnic lines with an equal split of oil profits given to each tribe. That's just a guess; of course.

I was so disappointed when Foley's folly became big news.

Forget the lies about getting us into war, Delay's money laundering Cunningham's greed, and Abramoff "pay for play" influence peddling. It doesn't strike a chord with a majority of Americans who believe Congressmen are corrupt; it's just something many Americans expect, but pedophilia, really hits home. Everyone loves children and knows how vulnerable they are.

Didn't you warn all your Republican congressmen to stay away from little boys junior, because just like Monica's dress, they might get some on them?

Remember Watergate? it is not the act so much as it is the coverup that can cause the Republican house of cards to fall.