Recess appointments

Yada Yada Congress

Mr. President,

Nice job on installing England and Smith as a recess appointments regardless of their apparent conflicts of interest. I understand how that particular habit is so hard to break. And besides Congress is such a pain with all their yadda, yadda , yadda, talk about what THEY think is right and wrong for the country.

Gathering all those Secretary of States was a nice photo op, but everyone could tell just how upset you were when you heard "dissenting" opinions. Note to self, photo op and spin be damned if I invite anyone to the oval office again to disagree with me. Screw Turd Blossom and his bright ideas of popping the "bubble" perception. Next time ask all of them to send in their opinions, so they can be screened.

Think retirement and don't clutter your mind with "stuff," just keep remembering that ten years from now everyone will sing your praises. Repeat after me, "ten years from now, ten years from now."

p.s. remember to claim that $6000 on your tax return and send Sharon a get well card.

Date: January 5, 2006

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