Can you still get votes with "Danger Danger Will Robinson"?

Mr. President,
Security is the word says Rove. How often can that old horse run? You better get some alerts lined up between here and November for that old ploy to work. You need more "chatter"
Isn't that what got Libby under indictment, his chatter.

Where's the beef?

Maybe you should have let that cattle rancher pre-inspect his beef like he wanted to. Too late now. It will take years to get all that Japan beef export back up.

Let's give the rich all the money and be done with it junior.
Before you brag about the economy again check out the stock market and see if any of the dow companies are not laying off thousands of workers.

Loose lips sink ships.
Pentagon Analyst Franklin was sentenced to 12 years+ on "take out the garbage"-friday. Didn't he help you and Rumsfield cheery-pick CIA information on Iraq? Huh! Imagine, you having traitors in the administration.
How long do you think you can personally keep China from acquiring additionally nuclear reactor technology? Blair does not owe you a thing, especially since you have ignored Tony since the day he signed on with you on Iraq.

Safety First!
When you go to Virginia for a photo op. You can get a bullhorn and stand on some coal wearing a miners hat. Rub some dust on your cheeks and use some of those generators you used in New Orleans to shine some bright lights on a backdrop that says. Safety First ... Profits Are Secondary, Honest!

Cheapskate Hughes
Can you increase Karen's allowance? If she is still trying to win "hearts and minds" by giving $2 million to support the Palestinian Authority against Hamas is not going to be enough.

It's a medical conundrum.

Lets see you support keeping tubes into people in Florida even though next of kin is against it, but you don't agree it should be done in Texas.
And if a doctor prescribes pain medication for someone in pain, they can go to jail for drug trafficking in many states, but it is ok in Florida for Rush Limbaugh to "doctor shop" piles of "hillbilly heroin" for himself.
Sounds like Florida is the place to be, if you don't mind all the FEMA trailers.

Date: January 22, 2006

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