Watching your administration operate is like watching a boa constrictor suffocate its prey

Mr. President,

Your strategy to deal with our nation's poor is becoming more obvious.

Under your tutelage, a child is born into poverty every 36 seconds.

"No Child Left Behind" program is proving to be a wonderful way of keeping poor kids stupid.

And either jail or the military service will take care of many young frustrated adults that will not find employment.

Finally, your Medicare program now seems to be the final piece in your "triangle attack" against those three low income age groups.

As you struggle to manage your image for the history books, I wouldn't worry about anyone comparing you with Martin Luther King.

While Cheney is in the Middle East could he stop by and visit Sharon? If the "Butcher" can only see Cheney perhaps he could get Sharon's trigger finger to flinch.

Date: January 16, 2006

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