A Second American Revolution?

Mr. President,

It is a long known fact that humiliation, frustration and all the "divides" invite terrorism. Are you "trying" to start a second American revolution?

Bad things are happening too quickly junior and the frog in the pan is starting to notice the temperature change.

Better hire more analysts for NSA Talon and CIFA. Everyone knows most people voted against you rather than for Kerry in 2004. Add up all your “new fans” from continuing Iraq violence, Katrina, new job losses, the Medicare fiasco, Abramoff, Libby, Alito, corrupt Republican Congressmen, Delay, Iran, North Korea, South America, rising energy costs, rising health costs, lack of health insurance, (By the way your lack of credibility will sink Health Savings Accounts just like your Social Security plan), illegal immigrants, and illegal wire taps. Now you have a following! I would start by rolling back the second amendment and enlist Charleston Heston to help calm the NRA down.

Millions of people have had their lives significantly changed for the worse and yet you consistently ignore them. Worse than that, you penalize them, which only adds fuel to the fire of their discontent.

Consider pulling back the National Guard.

Count them up junior there are a lot more disadvantaged than affluent that have prospered under your regime. Everything you are doing reinforces your position as a callous and indifferent leader.

Tell, "Rain man" that some people were embarrassed when he recently posed the following question to a number of Republicans "What do you call a dictator with a nuclear bomb? ...Sir! "
Many of them messed up the punch line and inadvertently yelled out “George Bush while others blurted out Kim Jong-il.

As of 3: 42 pm
I did not receive an automated message from the White House after I sent this one in.