When does a Commander become a murderer?

Mr. President,
I saw you on TV today, boy have you aged. What happened to that happy-go-lucky aw-shucks goof ball so many people wanted to have a beer with?

You looked old, and tired. The stage makeup didn’t do you any favors either, it could not hide your insincerity at all.

Todays news confirmed the war was about oil when the company owned by the head of your Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, The Hunt Company of Dallas,
received the rights to drill in the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq. You sealed the deal today, when you said our military was going to have a permanent presence in Iraq.

Unbelievable. You mean to tell the nation that Iraq’s fragile government, a government who can’t agree on anything suddenly made up and asked us to lay claim to their oil and to stay forever?

Sorry about the outburst, I momentarily raised my head out of the gutter of Bush imperialism and just for a minute or two, divested myself of the cynicism you infused in me in since you took office.

Staying forever totally works since the first thing your military secured was the oil ministry after you invaded the country.

The military will have to stay and keep protecting those oil fields for us, now that we have the rights to drill there.

This deal upset some Iraqis and the oil sharing deal is in
some jeopardy, but I'm sure enough money and guns will get spread around to resolve it over time. Some mullah for the mullahs some shekels for the sheiks here and there should do the trick.

Democrats running for president must have been incensed as they heard you exclaim that you were allowing a few thousand soldiers to come home soon.

This is akin to taking credit for the sun rising, or as John Edwards said you might as well take credit for gravity too, because those troops were already scheduled to come home after already being in Iraq for over a year.

Those soldiers have had to endure all kinds of attacks but only General Petraeus have had to face attacks back at home.

Just because you used all the government agencies as extensions of the Republican party, didn’t mean you had to drag General Petraeus into the fray. But I guess you were forced to do it because no one believes anything you have to say anymore.

Standing behind the general and let him take the flak for your losing war was cowardly. It was significantly more cowardly that ducking your duty in the Texas Air National Guard, and ducking service in Vietnam. I even saw one internet site that called it "The Petraeus War."

Putting aside your cowardliness for now, your behavior begs the question, "When does a Commander-in-Chief cross the line and become a murderer?"

If you know there will not be a successful end to Iraq and you still send young men there to drive around the country until they get killed; can that be called

If you refuse to pull troops in this losing war because you do not want your legacy to be saddled with images like the helicopter leaving the American Embassy in Saigon, can that be called

You have
motive, opportunity and intent. Hell, it is even pre-meditated!

And if the Republican and Democrat congressmen who are able to stop you, do not; can they be considered accessories to murder?

It is Just a thought, for you to munch on junior.

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