What a freak show!

Mr. President,
Sorry I haven't written. It has been a crazy summer. I read that you are having a heckuva summer yourself.

Forget liberal Democrat gatherings I want to be a fly on the wall at a Republican late-night party. They have to be really freaky.

The Republican party has always claimed to be a large tent. The tent may be too small for minorities, but it surely is large enough for an interesting assortment of colorful criminals and hypocrites.

Republican party members have become the caricatures, cynics have always had of politicians.

Late night comics have had a field day taking you and your party's antics and creating an entertaining parade of parodies these last six years. The circus environment has me wondering how many more Republicans are going to come out of the GOP clown car.

We have had Jack Abramoff, J. Stevens Grilies, David Safavian, Bob Ney, Mark Foley,Tom Delay, Jerry Lewis, Newt Ginrich, David Vitter, Duke Cunningham,
Conrad Burns, Ted Stevens, Rick Santorum, Scooter Libby, Alberto Gonzalez and now Larry Craig.

Republican politics; it’s the greatest freak show on earth. Voting for anyone on the Republican ticket will make the process seem like buying a scratch-off lotto ticket. After you scrape off the slick shiny coating you unveil either a racist, a child molester, a thief, an incompetent, or just a hypocrite.

The gay-sex side show has been pure entertainment and a major distraction from the ever-thinning ranks of faithful bushies and the Iraq war.

Turd blossom left and "tio taco" Alberto Gonzalez finally resigned leaving the Department of Justice a gutted shell, to join the other major agencies bereft of competent career government personnel who refused to sign Bush loyalty oaths.

So many people have left your administration that I hear the D.C. cab companies have a special rate for pickups at the West Wing. There are so many of your Republican buddies in jail, under investigation, in gay rehab or spending more time with their families that you may not be able to field a decent bowling team.

Although you may hear your lonely footsteps echo as you walk the corridors in the White House, you are hardly powerless.

You may be a lame duck, but you still have command of the largest military force in the world, and you are going to continue to push Congress to get more money for your senseless war by blackmailing spineless Democrats that don’t want to look as though they are weak on war.

I have no doubt in my American mind that you will sacrifice our remaining military force in a desperate effort to boost your “legacy” until your last day in office.

Since you are publicly vilified every day, you are left with the only prospect left to you, that history will vindicate you. You have a number of loyal bushies like Ari Fleischer and Karl Rove to rewrite history and make you look good.

How you will live with your criminal behavior after you leave office is yet to be known. Even psychopaths have bouts of remorse.

I guess you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it, if it has not been weakened by decay.

The constant unveiling of abhorrent truths about how you managed the presidency, the deviant behavior of Republican congressmen and the avarice of the republican party may finally fracture the already strained evangelical support.

Don’t worry about that now, have a great Labor Day junior.

Labor Day; the day we celebrate the American worker, you remember the American worker; the person you turned your back on as soon as you took office and invited business to help write laws and set policy. Cheney’s famous energy policy laid the groundwork for the Iraq war and bolstered the coffers of war profiteers with no-bid contracts.

By following the credo that anything that is good for business and the industrial-military complex is good for America, you have created a disastrous foreign policy, the largest wealth gap in history, a record number of uninsured Americans, and the highest rate of defaulted mortgages since the depression.

You have failed to protect our nation junior. Not only have you failed to be a champion for the average American, you have increased our health risks while lessening the availability of health care we will need afterwards.

Business interests have led you by the nose to accelerate the deterioration of air we breathe the water we drink, the food we eat, and you even increased the safety risks of the toys we buy for our children.

I wouldn’t just worry about trying to make your fool-hardy invasion of Iraq look good in the history books, I would also be concerned about the deplorable state of the economy, the deteriorating quality of life for the average American and the wretched state of the environment.

Thousands of dead bodies in the Mid East, increased crime in American streets, and shortened American life spans due to your hubris and disastrous decisions. will mark this point in American history as our nation's dark ages. This period will exemplify what happens when neo-conservative ideology hijacks the government of the most powerful nation on earth.

But on the positive side millions of people have risen up against you and your cronies. The backlash against Republican intolerance and American imperialism may take the pressure off of America as the world's major powers have already begun to decouple themselves from our economy and our foreign policy, leaving us isolated to sit in our own shit until we decide to clean up our government.

The countdown to the 08' elections has begun; the only questions remaining are how much more can you do to degrade our democracy and how many more Republicans will be exposed in the coming months?

The GOP clown car in the circus called "compassionate conservatives supporting family values" can pack a lot of hypocrites.

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