Shinzo Abe

A huge success

Mr. President,
How many more soldiers are going to die as you keep kicking the can down the road onto the lap of the next president?

For soldiers serving in Iraq, your plan to drag the war on, must give the phrase “dying to please” a whole new meaning.

Democrats have been severely chastised for not following up on the American people’s wishes to bring this horrendous war to an end.

Some Democrats believe that they need to do this slowly, intelligently or risk a second republican era of deadly errors.

Do they feel they need a well thought out, solid plan to deal with the backlash the GOP will incite, before they act aggressively towards withholding funds or are they just chicken?

Now Patraeus; he's not chicken and he is a good Bush soldier, just like Colin Powell . They were both credible, which is why you use them.

The lions at the coliseum were prepared for the cherry-picked information your General used to claim progress. The GAO, UN, British and Iraqis themselves have said the surge was a failure and the political solution is as far off as it has ever been.

Patraeus is not playing to most of the American public. Their hearts are already hardened against you and your war. He knows his target audience is a small group of evangelists in a desperate effort to persuade them to continue their support for bushie-Republicans up for the run of their lives in 08’.

In the mean time the Democrats questioning Patraeus had a field day picking the general's comments apart. They have to vent on someone. They are powerless to do much of anything else unless they grow a spine and agree to stop funding the madness.

But if they do unite and attract some republican support, they risk the powerful wrath of the right-wing machine which will deftly try to slice them to pieces. Democrats will be called traitors, and cowards in the “face of victory”.

The Democrats may feel they could “OWN” the war if they do not have a good strategy for countering the powerful right-wing media machine.

If the Republicans are good at anything it is destroying things and people.

Take Rummy for example he destroyed Iraq but yet he still able to pick up where dead-eye-Dick Cheney’s enthusiastic and rosy outlook had left off by pronouncing Afghanistan a huge success.

In the
interview, he just gave at his ranch near Taos, N.M. he also claimed that his Department of Defense is not responsible for any failures in Iraq or in Afghanistan.” That's a funny thing to say after claiming his effort to be so successful.

NEW YORK -- In an interview billed as his first since leaving the top Pentagon post, Donald Rumsfeld calls Afghanistan "a big success," but says U.S. efforts in Iraq are hampered by the failure of Iraq's government to establish a foundation for democracy.

The article went on to say you don’t call him anymore and he does not miss you. Rumsfeld said he couldn't recall the last time you called him. He was also asked about you.

"Do you miss him?" "Um, no," Rumsfeld said.

Rummy has not allowed any grass grow under his feet, he is now part of a think tank. How low was the bar lowered for Rummy to get into that club?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has joined the Hoover Institution at Stanford University as a visiting fellow and will serve on a task force focused on issues pertaining to ideology and terror, the California think tank said on Friday.

What can I say about Rummy? You can take the man out of the land of delusions, but you can’t take the delusions out of the man.

I am sad to hear the
bad news about the Japanese Prime Minister. But since you have a well established reputation for turning everything you touch into shit, it is not surprising to hear that one more of your loyal war-buddies had to resign because he supported you.

TOKYO: The U.S. ambassador to Japan urged the government there Wednesday to extend its mission in support of the U.S.-led military operation in Iraq — a mission that has split Japanese public opinion.

The lap where the ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair sat, is still warm and now you have to contend with
losing another Bush-ass-kisser, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday he was resigning because there would be a better chance of continuing Japan's support for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan under a new leader."I determined today that I should resign," Abe told a news news conference at his official residence in Tokyo. "We should seek a continued mission to fight terrorism under a new prime minister."

At least those Prime Ministers had a choice to follow your lead. The same can’t be said for those young soldiers you keep ordering into Iraq’s shooting gallery.

Date: September 12, 2007 3:59:42 AM CDT

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