When you squeeze too hard; the truth is bound to come out

Mr. President,

Your legendary grip on information has some inherent problems junior.

The tighter the grip, and the more outrageous your actions are, the more pressure some people feel to get important information out, hence, we get a ton of tell-all books and scores of unnamed sources are spurting out information all over the place.

Over the years, you have provided conspiracy theorists lots of tasty bits to munch on. One early theory was that the real reason you invaded Iraq was to secure their oil fields for your own purposes.

These conspiracy nuts are something else. But on the other hand if you leave a monkey alone with a word processor long enough, they will eventually type something that is true. And even a broken wind-up clock is correct twice a day, right?

I have a word processor so let me espouse my own theory here. Given todays news it seems more probable that Cheney’s secret energy policy set the framework for neo-conservatives’ plan for American imperialism. And that meant you had to invade Iraq to get access to their vast oil reserves.

Before the invasion you stirred up the fact that Saddam had sold oil under the table despite the embargo the UN had imposed on Iraq. Several people have been investigated from several countries including people from the United States.

From: Reuters news service.

“NEW YORK (Reuters) - Prosecutors promised on Monday to prove that Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt paid millions of dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's government, earning him a privileged position in Iraq.""Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Miller told jurors at opening arguments of Wyatt's trial that prosecutors would present photos, audio tapes, bank records, U.N. records, and Iraqi government records proving Wyatt paid kickbacks to win Iraqi oil contracts.”

This last Friday another oil man from Texas and a long time Bush supporter picked up where Wyatt left off.


“The Hunt Oil Company of Dallas has become the first international company to receive permission to drill for oil in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq since the local government issued an oil-and-gas law last month.”In January 2006, Mr. Hunt was appointed by President George W. Bush to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in Washington, D.C."

Something fishy is going on here junior. I suppose you hope no one will notice the dispiriting coincidence that on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that one of your close Texas oil buddies has just secured the rights to drill for oil in Iraq.

All we had before this was very strong suspicions. The evidence such as this oil contract to Hunt is nailing that suspicion down.

Loyal Fox viewers won’t acknowledge any of this of course, because they love you no matter what you do to them.
Although your poor supporters are suffering the same lack of freedoms and disastrous economic policies like the rest of us, Fox bushies have the mindset of an abused spouse.

Abused spouses keep going back to their abusers regardless of the number of times they get beat up. So you always have that going for you.

The rest of us can see you for what you are and what you are really doing to our democracy and what you have done to Iraq.

Hiding behind General Patreus like hiding behind Colin Powell will not get you very far with the average American anymore. You have been caught lying to us too often and too many dots are popping up which ordinary people can now connect for themselves. The resulting picture is anything but flattering for your administration and your legacy.

Speaking about your administration, your original cabinet has been so decimated, that by the end of you term you may be able to have a going away party in a phone booth.

Is anyone keeping track of how many Republicans have left your administration through indictments, convictions, or are under investigation? The good bad and the ugly are leaving the U.S.S. Bush Shit.

Senator Hagel, John Warner and Wayne Allard have announced that they too, are retiring and will not seek re-election. These high-powered, well-respected Republican senators have suddenly decided to opt out of government service.

None of these senators had given anyone any prior inkling that they were leaving up until now.

Why now? We can only guess. Do they believe their party’s conservative ideals have been hijacked by the extreme right wing fanatics that you put in charge? Are they just sick of the combative politics you brought to Congress? Did they want to spend more time with their families? What ever it was it had to have been significant for people with such long service to our country to suddenly announce they are quitting.

Regardless of the reasons, their refusal to run again, adds to the GOP burden for this election cycle. This is just one more ominous note in the Republican party’s 2008 swan song.

Every week you have a new headache to deal with. It just sucks being you doesn't it?
Senator Craig said he had his fingers crossed when he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after he was caught soliciting gay sex in Minneapolis, so it didn't count.

Your Texas oil buddy's deal for Iraq oil, all-but-confirms the fact who benefits from your war besides Halliburton; and it further adds to the suspicion that you are despicable enough to trade American and Iraqi blood for oil.

Today’s General Patraeus report is not going to fool many people, except the ones that want to be fooled. The pre-approved bush-message he espoused was a pretty transparent stop-gap measure; a life buoy to keep GOP congressmen up for re-election afloat and a horrendous reason to keep our soldiers in harms way. Nothing will get better until the Iraqi government coalesces into a unified body. And Iraq will not get that opportunity as long as we are used as a crutch.

Didn’t General Patraeus learn anything from Colin Powell’s now-infamous UN speech?

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