07 October 2007

Millions of tears are not enough

Mr. President,
Millions of tears have not seemed to quenched your desire for yet more blood to be spilled in your name. One of the only vetoes you ever imposed just had to be against America's poor children.

While your veto for continuing and expanding the funding of Health care for the poorest children and other children who cannot qualify for health care may puzzle many Americans it is completely in character of what you are if people understood your true nature.

In fact much of what you have done and what I expect that you will do is explained by referring to your infamous years as Governor of Texas and how you handled the record breaking 152 executions in Texas which is exemplified by the execution of Karla Fay Tucker.

Karla Fay was on death row for murdering two people. Over the years, as she spent awaiting her execution, she said she became a born-again Christian. Her story and many charitable deeds behind bars achieved world-wide attention including an interview with Larry King.Thousands of calls including a personal plea from Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell one of your own daughters and Pope John Paul II to commute her sentence to life in prison without possibility of parole. But, regardless of all of these thousands requests for mercy you decided it was best to have her executed.

Whether she was a born-again Christian or not is not the real point, here is the kicker. In 1999 about a year after Karla Fay was executed, Tucker Carlson, a reporter for the now defunct "Talk" magazine, asked you as he traveled around with you during your presidential campaign, if he had met with any of Tucker's petitioners. He said he was surprised when you whipped around, stared at him, and snapped, "No, I didn't meet with any of them."

Carlson, said that your curt response made him feel as if he had just asked "the dumbest, most offensive question ever posed." You went on to tell him that you had also refused to meet Larry King when he came to Texas to interview Tucker but had watched the interview on television. You said, King asked difficult questions, such as "What would you say to Governor Bush?"

What did she answer? Carlson asked. He said you smirked as you answered, "Please," you whimpered, your lips pursed in mock desperation, "please, don't kill me."

Carlson was shocked.
He couldn't believe your callousness with your cruel mimicry of the woman whose death you had authorized.
What made it even more hypocritical was your statement after her execution.

On the night of Karla Faye's killing, you issued a press statement stating "May God bless Karla Faye Tucker and may God bless her victims and their families."

It was said at the time by Sister Helen Prejean, who
chronicled the event, "He may be the only government official to mock a condemned person's plea for mercy, then lie about it afterward, claiming humane feelings he never felt. On the contrary, it seems that Bush is comfortable with using violent solutions to solve troublesome social and political realities." "What is clear is that he had, as governor, no quality of mercy," said Prejean.

A psychopath is defined as a condition characterized by lack of empathy or conscious and poor impulse control or manipulative behaviors to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. "Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse "

Your wanton destruction of Saddam Heussein and Iraq as well as the needless deaths of thousands of Iraqis including thousands of American soldiers makes sense in light of that definition and the execution of Karla Fay.

Last year you said you have not lost any sleep over the Iraq war. I believe you. You are not moved by the will of the people nor are you capable of feeling for anyone or any country that stands in your way. You use death and soldiers as fodder for your political maneuvering.

I feel like America is living in a Stephen King's novel "The Dead Zone" with Robert Ludlum overtones.

You remind me of the Martin Sheen's character Greg Stillson, the politician who kicked a dog to death when it got in his way. That's odd, Martin Sheen also played a U.S. president as well.

The republicans who foolishly stand with you will pay the price because you don't really care about them either. You have no moral aversion about outing a CIA spy, torturing suspects, lying to Congress, killing the innocent and the guilty alike when they get in your way.

You have been obviously disappointed in the Republican presidential candidates that can pick up the war where you left off so you will no doubt fan the flames for a future democratic president to insure a world with unending war and unending hatred of America.

An attack on Iran or Syria is not out of the question to insure the mid east continues to burn for the next president. Cheney has reportedly approached Israel to attack Iran to trigger a fight so we could join in. The same neo-cons who urged you to attack Iraq are gathering any and all potential reasons to justify an attack.

What other horrors can a psychopath president inflict on this world? Perhaps only someone like Stephen King can fathom the depths you can take us to.

On a good note, nature abhors a vacuum, so a "great good" must exist somewhere to offset the evil you continue to bring to this earth.

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