07 October 2007

There's gold in them there hills!

Mr. President,
Water poured on thousands of burning frees and brush in California fires runs downhill, but serious reconstruction money will run uphill to powerful Bush-connected corporations as they have done in Iraq and Louisiana.

Medicines, meat and Mattel
By now even the most naive have figured out that you have delegated the safety of our citizens to the vagaries of corporation's quarterly reports.

Will you come to the aid of Californian’s junior? Well I guess I can ask these people if you supported or helped them.

Let's ask:

Valerie Plame about your support for her and her mission to monitor Iran's weapons of mass destruction program.

soldiers who went to Iraq and Afghanistan without adequate body armor or up-armored vehicles,

Joe Darby, the soldier who exposed the Abu Gharib atrocities and had to quit the service because of the death threats he received.

Pat Tillman's parents, the people you lied to because the
truth about his death was too inconvenient.

Graeme Frost, the 12 year-old boy who spoke out in support of continuing the Children's Health program and received death threats for doing so. You remember the SCHIP bill which was co-sponsored by Republicans and Democrats. You know the bill you vetoed thus denying health care for the poor children in America.

Republican attorney generals who were fired for refused to begin unfounded investigations against Democrats just before the general elections,

Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, who was
not allowed to speak or issue reports about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education, or prison, mental and global health issues to present accurate health warnings to Americans,

NASA scientists who were ordered not to talk about
global warming whose reports were distorted to reflect your views instead of the scientist’s findings.

NASA recently decided to sit on an
aviation safety report collected by interviewing 24,000 pilots and even destroy the data because the conclusion would adversely affect airline profits.

And finally, ask surviving victims of Katrina if they have received adequate aid since it hit two years ago.

In 2006, a record year for disasters like Katrina and other storm damage throughout the country Insurance companies posted record gains of $44.8 billion.

During Katrina, they covered only 30%, due in part to the high flood damage.

Robert and Denise Sebastian, both lawyers who lost their home during Katrina, have been fighting Allstate Insurance for months to get their claim settled as the Insurance company used every small bit of evidence they could to refuse payment on the insurance claim. They have filled over three loose-leaf binders with correspondence and phone notes. If two lawyers are having those kinds of difficulties to settle their claim what chance do ordinary people have? As an
article from the Los Angeles Times quotes them saying, " I wonder what happens to the grandmother in Gentilly."

Indeed, millions will wonder what you will do to help the people of California. I can go by your past performance and safely say that California fires will bring you photo ops and a reason to open more land to your lumber company pals to cut down what ever trees are left and again grease the wheels for other corporations as well to profit from the misery.

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