Charles Gibson

The TV wouldn't lie to me ...right junior?

Mr. President,
Friday, at Fort Jackson, one of your few remaining friendly venues without critics,
you offered us yet another upbeat assessment and bullshit assessment of progress in Iraq by saying

“That while corruption remained a problem and unemployment was high, the economy was growing, violence was down and, slowly but surely, the people of Iraq are reclaiming a normal society.”

If things are going so well in Iraq how do you explain the general uprising by U.S. State Department employees against Condelezza Rice? She finally ran out of volunteers to go to Iraq and told her department she is identifying and sending prime candidates to serve in Iraq's embassy for a one-year assignment. They will have the choice of either going or they will be forced to quit. One state department called the forced assignment, a potential death notice

The Iraq consulate is in the middle of the green zone. It is the largest embassy and most heavily fortified facility ever built by any country. The embassy has its own water and sewage system, as well as its own electrical system. It is completely self-contained. It is a fortress, and yet it is an island in a sea of shit.

The other telling episode in your Iraq farce occurred recently when a U.S. Army one-star General was injured in an IED attack north of Bagdad.
Brig. General Jeffrey J. Dorko, commander of the Gulf Region Division of the Army Corps of Engineers is the
highest ranking soldier to be wounded in your oil crusade.

What was interesting to note is that at the time of the attack, general was protected by private security contractor Erinys International, a British mercenary outfit.
Say what? Our own troops are not capable of protecting their own generals! Or do our generals prefer to have the luxury of having people around them that can shoot at anyone and anything with immunity and pay some of the families of the victims later?

I am not sure how this may be related but is it a coincidence that Karen Hughes, the ex-reporter who you shared those long long lonely trips driving around the country campaigning for your father, suddenly quit her State Department position.

Hughes, your Undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs, did such a stellar job of improving the image of the United States in the Mideast.

I think her best PR moves was when the U.S. military dropped
soccer balls in eastern Afghanistan from a helicopter, plastered with the Saudi Arabian flag on them, without realizing that the flag has the Arabic script about Allah and the Prophet Muhammadan on the flag. So kicking the soccer ball around was like kicking Allah and the words of Muhammadan, a major insult in the Muslim faith. Nice going Hughes !

Winning hearts and minds in the United States, was as important if not more so. You had to control all communications with the public as soon as you took the office.
And I have to hand it to you for creativity on how you presented the news you wanted people to hear and see.
Besides using Fox news and Rush Limbaugh to repeat and enhance your propaganda, you have used a variety of techniques.

Here are a few of the more publicized attempts at enhancing your propaganda efforts.

Embed journalists with soldiers
and saddle them with heavy restrictions on what they could and could not report provided your Pentagon the ultimate control over what news was disseminated to the American public.

Threaten to bomb news organizations headquarters that provided unapproved Iraq war news.
Two Labour MPs have defied the Official Secrets Act by passing on the contents of a secret British document revealing how President George Bush wanted to bomb the Arabic TV station, al-Jazeera.
The document, a transcript of a meeting between Mr Bush and Tony Blair in April 2004 when the prime minister expressed concern about US military tactics in Iraq, is already the subject of an unprecedented official secrets prosecution in Britain, against an aide to one of the MPs and another man.

Paid journalists to promote your policies such as Armstrong Williams, Mike McManus and Maggie Gallagher. to promote abstinence, marriage and your No Child Left Behind plan.

Create rosy good-news video segments on the benefits of your medicare plan, for the networks to televise, by paying actors and producers to create phony video news segments which you sent to TV stations.

Employ phony journalists to ask softball questions at news conferences, like James Guckert alias Jeff Gannon a GOP activist. Guckert/Gannon not only obtained hard-to get press passes to the White House, he was regularly selected during White House press briefings by secretary Scott McClellan who routinely offered administration-friendly questions during White House briefings.

Edit media news broadcasts
to only reflect the positive aspect of your surge, like what you recently did with an ABC news broadcast.

This is an article ABC news published on the incident.

On ABC World News with Charles Gibson Thursday night, ABC National Security Correspondent Jonathan Karl filed a report about the recent decline in American troop casualties in Iraq. In the report, Karl noted that “violence in Iraq is down,” but added that “there has been almost no political progress on the national level”:You decided to edit out the bad news portion of Karl’s report and emphasized only the positive aspects about the current level of violence in Iraq, to use it as proof that your surge is working. But, you got caught at it and White House aid Gordon Johndroe said, “It was inappropriate,” and agreed to send out the full text of Karl’s report.

Here is what you edited out of the ABC report.
O'HANLON: ... and it doesn't answer the questions about political progress.

KARL: In fact, there's been almost no political progress on the national level, and U.S. officials know military gains won't mean much if the Iraqi government doesn't get its act together, which is one reason the Pentagon doesn't even want to use the word "winning."

[To Defense Secretary] You're not ready to say we're winning, that the surge is working --

ROBERT GATES [Defense Secretary]: (From tape.) I think I think that those end up being loaded words. I think we have been very successful. We need to continue being successful.

KARL: Today, Defense Secretary Gates said that the reduction in violence would not have been possible without the surge of 30,000 additional troops into Iraq, but, Charlie, those troops are going home in the coming months, raising the question of whether the violence will go up when they leave.

GIBSON: Jonathan Karl tonight reporting from the Pentagon, thanks.

After ABC News expressed concern about the selective editing of the report, White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe acknowledged it was inappropriate and agreed to sent out the full text of the ABC report.

So the fake FEMA televised press session on your response to the California fires falls right in line with what we have received from you in the past.

Roger Ailes head of Fox news took a page from your playbook, but he got caught after he recently edited printed negative comments of his new business channel and made it look like a runaway success when the news was anything but complimentary. Keith Obermann had it all on his program this last week where Ailes was named "Worst person in the world."

Subversive minds that insist on hiding the truth think alike I guess.

The truth about what you have done in Iraq is still yet to be fully known, but
the latest Ken Burns documentary series on World War II must send shivers down your chicken-hawk spine junior. Because someone somewhere down the line, a future "Ken Burns" will create a similar documentary about the soldiers who served in your Iraq war.

It will also expose the atrocities of war known to all soldiers since the beginning of time, and it will also expose the real truth and not the news you constantly twisted to your advantage.

The Burns documentary, "The War" provided us with the soldiers' stories, many of which, they had who long kept to themselves. Stories by soldiers who have reached the stage in their life where many of them have begun unburdened their souls of the horrors of what they did what they witnessed and what they were ordered to do for their superiors.

Every minute you have left in office is either fraught with danger for the whole world, or it becomes a punch line.

Now that the Hollywood writers are going on strike I don't think anyone will notice any difference when it comes to Bush jokes and parodies because Bush jokes basically write themselves.

Although your psychotic behavior has had the country constantly reeling with confusion, anger, outrage, and disgust it also provides occasional comic relief.

The comic relief is important to many of us because as we shake our heads in disbelief that you could be so damn dumb, it also validates our belief that anyone who can't put an intelligent sentence together without the benefit of a Teleprompter or a highly structured set of notes, is a caricature, and a caricature can't be real.

So for an instant, a small moment in time which only lasts perhaps just a few brain cycles among the millions that bounce around our skulls, we can dwell on the idea for just those few milliseconds that we were all being punked for the last seven years and the world makes sense once again.

Date: November 4, 2007 1:05:01 AM CDT

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