Negroponte, Musharraf and American shame

Mr. President,
It must be deja vue all over again for John Negroponte, the neocon’s go to guy for dealing with dictators.

He is certainly has experience so it made sense for him to have a come-to-Jesus chat with Musharraf in Pakistan.

Twenty years ago Negroponte worked with another dictators when he was the ambassador to the Honduras and was involved in helping President Reagan to illegally supply known terrorists with weapons and provided funding to other known terrorists with funding and military personnel to overthrow a democratically elected government in Nicaragua. Thus was born the infamous Iran-Contra affair that belied Reagan’s squeaky clean public facade.

President Reagan was paranoid about communists taking over South America. When the left wing grass root democratic effort by peasants, students, unions and missionaries called the Sandanista party won the presidency, and a majority of the seats in the National Assembly in Nicaragua, Reagan went nuts.

The Contras were a murderous right-wing coalition that vowed to overthrow the Sandista government. When the Congressional Intelligence Committee confirmed reports of executions, rapes, torture and indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children, they declared the Contras a terrorist organization.

After Congress pulled all the funding to the Contras, Reagan ordered his staff to figure out how to circumvent Congress and fund the Contras.
Reagan’s Vice president, your daddy, Bush Sr. got pretty creative; if they were going to work with terrorists in Nicaragua why not deal with terrorists in Iran?

In order to fund the Contras to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua, and to secure the release of kidnapped hostages in Iran, Reagan sold Iran, American weapons. He used the money from the sale of weapons to fund the terrorist Contra group.

This was a cute move all the way around because America had an embargo on Iran as well.
When Reagan pledged to the American people that he would not deal with terrorists who would have guessed that terrorists were the only people he dealt with.
This was during the Iran-Iraq war.

Reagan supplied arms to Iran to use against Iraq and then later on your daddy, President Bush Sr, helped provided biological weapons to Saddam Heusein to use against Iran.
We sold weapons to people on both sides of that war. Is it any wonder that to this day, America has been and remains the world’s largest arms dealer.

It was ironic that you got your shorts in a bunch because 20 years ago, Iraq actually used the weapons your daddy helped sell to Saddam.

But I digress, let’s get back to the 80’s.

The U.S. used Honduras as one of the bases of operations to train and support the Contras in San Salvador.
One of the benefactors on the Iran-Contra arms deal was Negroponte’s good friend, Honduran dictator General Gustavo Alvarez

Martinez which ran the infamous death squads.
Guess who the ambassador was in the Honduras when all of this was happening? None other than John Negroponte. So Mr. Negroponte has considerable experience dealing with and supporting murderous dictators and terrorists who are hell-bent on overthrowing democratic movements which are not in America’s favor.

Back then it was communists today the boogeyman is terrorism.

It was true then as it is today the mass media did not pay much attention to the thousands of deaths attributed to the U.S. sponsored death squads. But human rights organizations did take notice

Negroponte disavowed any human rights violations reported by the different organizations, and the media didn't think it was worth of their ink, thus keeping Congress and the American people in the dark.

General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, was the commander in chief of the Honduran army who managed kidnappings, disappearances of thousands of government opponents and state-sanctioned assassinations. Battalion 316 became infamous as the worst of the death squads.

Despite the leaked reports on the atrocities performed by the Honduran trained military fighting in Nicaragua President Reagan awarded the General the Legion of Merit for encouraging the success of democratic processes in Houndouras.

It looks like handing out medals to people who least deserve them is one commonality you have with Reagan. you took a similar tact when you awarded the Medal of Freedom to Paul Bremer for the disgraceful way he managed Iraq reconstruction as viceroy, Tommy Franks for his incompetent planning of the war and the aftermath and to George Tenent for allowing misinformation to be used to justify your occupation of Iraq. Tenent also deserved the medal for not being able to connect the multiple dots which led to September 11th.

Despite America’s efforts, the Sandanista’s ruled Nicaragua until 1990. At the end of the conflict in South America, between 30,000 and 50,000 people had died. In 2006 former president David Ortega, a Sandanista won the presidency.

Pakistan is much more dangerous than Nicaragua ever was, they have atomic weapons, but I hear you have American forces protecting them.

I suspect that as America's only ally in the region, Negronponte will face some interesting challenges because you don’t really give a damn about democracy, what you do care about is having who ever is in charge can be bought off, Mushie just wants to stay in power forever like Putin.

Prior to 9/11 Pakistan, just like South America back in the 40’s, was not used to having so much attention from the west.
When the Soviet Union pulled out of Afghanistan, the U.S. lost interest in Pakistan and Musharaff had to deal with thousands of U.S. armed mujhadeen on the other side of his border by himself.

After 9/11, Pakistan was not ashamed to be an ally for the right price.
You paid Mushie billions to be your friend and you also promised not to bomb them back to the stone age. They allowed American forces to work alongside the Pakistan army and Mushie turns over al queda suspects to pump up the propaganda about american victories.

Pakistan is not Nicaragua and you are no Reagan.

Reagan claimed that as far as the Iran Contra affair was concerned, he said he didn’t remember anything about it, he said he had a bad memory. Ironically he died with Alzheimer's.

Since you claimed it was your legal right to invade Iraq wouldn’t it be fitting if you were legally found to be a war criminal.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Date: November 18, 2007 3:15:32 PM CST

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