Please please Turkey, don't invade Iraq to kill terrorists!

Mr. President,

I didn't just hear you beg Turkey not to attack the Kurdish rebels in Northern Iraq did I?
Did you beg, " Please please don't attack the Kurds!"

Karma is a bitch junior.

Where are all your friends now? As one country after another drops out of the Iraq occupation, your coalition of the willing has morphed into a coalition of mercenaries. It was the only way you could avoid a military draft.

Britain pulled out thousands of their soldiers and threatening to remove the rest next year.

A tumultuous political course of events in Japan has put their new Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda in an embarrassing position which hastened the removal of their naval support in Afghanistan.

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh India is on the verge of giving in to his Parliament and negating all of the concessions you were willing to give away just to make them one of your best buds.

Russia's Pooty Poot Putin, your soul mate, is not exactly playing fair with the tremendous clout his massive energy wealth he has. He has used it to wield a powerful club at countries which you had covertly helped to undermine the Russian bear.

Putin has taken it a step further and claimed your missile defense system will not be allowed anywhere near his borders and sees your missile defense system as America once viewed the missile crisis in Cuba.

China has challenged your imperialistic plans for world domination by picking up billions of dollars of the debt you created and have used the money from all those Wal Mart lead-tainted toys to improve their military, enhance their ability to shoot down satellites, significantly increase their alliance with Iran, Venezuela, and participate with Russia in joint military exercises. I guess you shouldn't have made such a public show of giving the Dali Lama the Medal of Freedom. The next day China pulled out of planned international strategy session and summoned the U.S. ambassador to give him a good tongue lashing and not in a good way, over the incident.

Even the land that brought us freedom fries slapped your ex secretary of defense around when Rumsfield had to recently high-tail it out of France. He was in "Old Europe" to attend a meeting organized by the Foreign Policy magazine. When he heard he was to be charged for war crimes he had to quickly be taken to the American Embassy and out of the country.

Although you had France's new conservative Prime Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, over for barbecue and he was recently received in Washington, he boasted that although he wants to be friendly and loves almost all things American, he stated that he would not be you lap dog. His constituents uniformly hate you junior. They will not allow him to get too friendly with the pariah of the western world.

And then there is Musharraf in Pakistan your supposedly BFF in the Mid East. He has claimed martial law, dissolved Pakistan's constitution, dissolved the court system, imprisoned his political opponents and shut down the country's news services. And yet your administration has not formally cut off the billions of dollars of American aid sent every year into his pocketbook.

I guess if imposing democracy at the end of a gun in Iraq doesn't work, supporting a dictatorship in Pakistan with tons of money to buy weapons to shoot at pro-democracy opponents in Pakistan does make sense?

And then there is Turkey.

Has Turkey also turned a deaf ear to you like Pakistan? Have your pleas to ask Turkey to resist attacking the Kurds in Iraq hit a stone wall? The people in Turkey are pissed and their legislature voted to allow Turkish troops to do whatever they have to do to stop the Kurdish faction hiding in Northern Iraq.

The best you may be able to negotiate is to ask them to limit their incursion in Iraq, target the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) insurgents and attack enemy compounds with their air force. All you can offer them is money, intelligence (for whatever that is worth) and to politic with France to get them into the EU.

Coincidentally, the terrain where the PKK hide out looks a lot like the rough mountainous areas where Osama is supposed to be.

Is any to this sinking in yet junior? Are you perhaps noticing a trend? Nahhh.

But I certainly see a pattern. It is either bombs, bullets or pay offs.

If you can't bomb or kill your way to get something you want, your only other negotiating technique seems to be to pay people off. You pay billions to Pakistan, pay Turkey to stay out of Iraq and you pay mercenaries in Iraq to shoot first and pay off the survivors later. P.S. They may want a raise now that the dollar has dropped to an all-time low.

By the way Cheney has really aged over the last seven years. He even looks worse than you do. He really looks like shit. It would be a real shame if he died on you, while he was in office. Isn't he getting the proper medical help at those undisclosed locations to keep him alive, at least until the end of your term?

Date: November 6, 2007 5:36:06 AM CST

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