It's official, Bin Laden has won.

Mr President,
It is not a surprise. Benazir Bhutto's assassination is just the latest example of what can happen to anyone in the Mid East who you overtly support.

She was doomed to die for believing the bill of goods you sold her, a chance to be president of a democratic Pakistan.

Did you tell her that your support had a few strings attached? Did you tell her she had to perhaps privatizing Pakistan's industry and maybe, allow U.S. troops to use Pakistan bases to advance your effort to secure Mid East oil for thirsty American industries?

Bhutto is a tragic victim. She was an influential foreign national leader who supported your occupation and destruction of Iraq and paid for it with her life.

Time has proven that foreign leaders who profess any material support for your foreign policy are marked for either loosing their office or maybe even life. Musharraf has escaped several attempts on his life since you bought his support with billions of our tax dollars.

Each of those world leaders foolish enough to support your imperialistic romp in the Mid East has fallen out of power. Lap-dog-Tony Blair, Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi Spain's prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, Japan's Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, and even Australia's Prime Minister John Howard have all fallen before a public tired of their allegiance to a loser, a liar and quite probably, a war criminal.

Bhutto’s body flown to home province

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The body of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was taken to her family village for burial on Friday, a day after she was assassinated by a suicide bomber, plunging the nuclear-armed country into one of the worst crises in its 60-year history.

New Spanish Leader Lashes Out at Bush, Blair Over Iraq War

MADRID - Spain's prime minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero vowed to withdraw troops from Iraq and criticized US President George W. Bush after Spanish voters ousted governing conservatives who took the country into the controversial war."The war in Iraq was a disaster, the occupation of Iraq is a disaster," Zapatero, 43, told Cadena Ser radio on Monday.

Australia's Howard 'loses seat'

The Australian Labor Party candidate who contested outgoing Prime Minister John Howard's seat in last week's general election has claimed victory.If Maxine McKew's win is confirmed, Mr Howard will become only the second sitting Australian Prime Minister ever to lose his own seat in an election.

Japan says "sayonara" to Bush's Iraq war

Some might say that, in Iraq, Japan was a big player in terms of its symbolic significance as a major U.S. ally (one of its most important allies, with Australia, in the broader East Asia/Pacific region) but a relatively smaller player in terms of the limited number of soldiers it had sent and also because of its non-combat role. Team Bush, trying to put a favorable spin on the news that this symbolically important member of its military coalition in Iraq will soon be gone, "praised Japan's decision to withdraw its ground troops from Iraq as 'a positive step' indicating progress in the transformation of [the] multinational forces' mission there."

Italy's Course Veers From U.S.

In Senate Address, Prodi Criticizes 'Grave Error' of IraqBy Sarah DelaneySpecial to The Washington Post Friday, May 19, 2006; Page A14ROME, May 18 -- Italy's new prime minister declared Thursday that the war in Iraq was a "grave error" that risked igniting conflict in the entire Middle East region. He said Italy would stick with plans to bring home its 2,700 troops stationed there but gave no timetable for their return.Making his first policy address as head of government, Romano Prodi formally abandoned the unequivocal support that his predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi, gave to U.S. policy in Iraq. Prodi appeared to indirectly criticize the United States' holding of terrorism suspects, saying such efforts must never undermine personal liberties.

Happy holidays junior. You have given everyone who truly wants democracy for their country, a big red white and blue bulls eye on their backs.

I feel sorry for every naive person who believes in American style democracy because they don't understand that America is not about freedom anymore it is about avarice, greed, corporatism and coercing foreign governments. We pay off and blackmail countries for their natural resources. Our country and our corporations fund coups, military dictators and have caused millions of people to be tortured, disappeared or prison just so we get our own personal excavation sites around the world for needed materials to keep our corporation CEOs happy and our economy afloat.

Osama Bin Laden has done what the Soviet Union could not do, defeat the idea of “America,” and you and your corporate vultures were a big reason for his victory.

Sleep well junior.
Date: December 28, 2007 12:52:13 PM CST

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