Bail out

And the hits just keep on coming

Mr. President,
It has been a remarkable month. It's amazing how you keep providing late night comics material which just writes itself.

The economy is in free fall because of your laissez fare attitude towards business oversight.

Stimulus packages have become all the rage with everyone tripping all over themselves to take credit for the idea.

You finally visit Israel where you contradict your intelligence agencies about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

Canadian diplomats are warned about America's penchant for torturing suspects.

And someone finally counted the number of falsehoods you spread to justify your war with Iraq.

Let's start with the stimulus package. I find it ironic that the people you ignored for seven years, the middle-class and the poor are the people that you may have to depend on to pull the country out of an economic downfall which you created.

You need them now since 70 per cent of the economy is driven by consumers. What are you going to do when the American people realize that they need food and gas more than every new widget that comes out?

I chuckle when I hear you talk about free enterprise, and allowing the markets to self stabilize. If that was true why has the government consistently bailing out savings and loans, auto companies, airlines, the financial institutions, and home builders? Mortgage subsidies, unscheduled federal interest rate intervention and fed rates are just propping up an obviously sick economy.

Lack of oversight by the federal reserve, the reckless application of questionable financial instruments and the lack of transparency has done what the Soviet Union couldn't do, bring down our economy and sell off American assets to pay the bills.

The cruelty of pushing the American dream to the people who can least afford it is just astounding. The home loan industry, was and is obviously unbound to all moral or social responsibilities.

Suddenly, foreign sovereign wealth funds have become the big players as financial institutions go begging for money to cover the weighty risks they assumed.

If that was not sad enough, how many neo-conservatives hung their heads in shame when you recently went begging the Saudis to pump more oil.

Imagine that, our great American nation has been reduced to begging just as our financial institutions plead for bail outs.

What are the odds that our new investor friends will want a say in the largest American institutions?

Would you be upset with me if I mocked your pleading for more Arab oil in the same tone as you mocked Karla Fay Tucker when a reporter asked you about her plea to commute her death sentence for life imprisonment?

Did you say, "Please, please, pump more oil for us.

Not only have you become a lame duck you have become a hapless cartoon as well.

The great decider, our war president, our fighter-pilot hero has been reduced to a pathetic figure who parades around with Saudi royalty, wearing desert robes and dancing with dictators while holding a sword.

The economic meltdown is not the result of bad luck. It is the result of greed hubris and your administration which advocated little government interference.

Enron, WorldCom, and now a $7 billion fraud case at Frances’ 2nd largest bank, SocGen could make investers think twice about investing in the stock market.

France's SocGen hit by $7.1 billion alleged fraud
By Simon Kennedy,

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Societe Generale, France's second-largest bank, stunned financial markets Thursday when it announced a single trader, reportedly named Jerome Kerviel, had cost it 4.9 billion euros ($7.1 billion) in one of the largest ever frauds by a rogue employee.

Institutional investors won't care as long as there is more liquidity in the system. The economic stimulus program may make some investors feel more comfortable, but it is patently obvious political move prior to the November elections.
Is it a coincidence? Hardly! But, $145 billion is a drop in the bucket of red link that your administration has generated. What you really need is another war. Come on Israel!

Deal Reached on Economic Stimulus Package
Most Workers Would Receive at Least $300 Tax Rebate
By Jonathan Weisman and William Branigin
Washington Post Staff WritersThursday, January 24, 2008; 4:00 PM

House leaders and the administration reached agreement today on a roughly $145 billion economic stimulus package that would quickly send payments to poor and middle-class workers while offering businesses one-time incentives to invest in new equipment and write off tax losses.

Although the stimulus package to jump start the economy may not be the answer, there is little doubt that you are woefully unable to kick start nor maintain any sort of peace process in the Mid East.

The next time you want to help the Middle East peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians …don’t.

A few days after you left, the Israelis closed the Gaza border completely and shut off all fuel, medical and food supplies into the area in response to more homemade rockets being fired into Israel. Israel is punishing the entire population by hoping to starve all the Palestinians.

Israel keeps demonstrating to the world that they can be as brutal as the Nazis that preyed on them during World War II.

It seems like anything you touch in the Mideast brings nothing but more death and misery.

Palestinians topple Gaza wall and cross to Egypt
By Steven Erlanger and Graham Bowley

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RAFAH, Egypt: Thousands of Palestinians streamed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt on Wednesday after a fence at the Rafah border crossing was toppled, going on a buying spree of fuel, medicine, soap, cigarettes and many other supplies that have been cut off during days of blockade by Israel.

While you were in Israel, you tried to make the case that Iran was pursuing their nuclear weapons program even though all 16 of your intelligence agencies said Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program.

You are loosing your touch junior. You didn't allow dissenting opinions from the CIA keep you from invading Iraq for no valid reason. I guess you are leaving it to the Israelis to attack Iran first and then join in the fray afterwards.

Bush Chooses What to Believe
By Dan Froomkin
Special to washingtonpost.comMonday, January 14, 2008; 2:06 PM

President Bush has apparently found a way to reconcile his bellicose views of Iran with the recent National Intelligence Estimate that concluded Iran shelved its nuclear weapons program four years ago.

Here is one more nail in your legacy coffin, Canada has formally informed its diplomats that Israel and the United States are in the same league as China North Korea, Egypt, and Iran as countries who torture suspects and deny habeas corpus rights to any suspects they pick up.

The manual is now being rewritten after considerable arm twisting by your administration. But, the damage has been done.

Canada puts U.S., Israel on torture watchlist -CTV
Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:32am EST

OTTAWA, Jan 17 (Reuters) - An official Canadian government document has put both the United States and Israel on a watch list of countries where prisoners run the risk of being tortured, CTV television reported on Thursday.The revelation is likely to embarrass the minority Conservative government, which is a staunch U.S. ally.

So what if you torture prisoners! They can't prove it. You have been good about destroying incriminating e-mails and all the video tapes of suspects torturing events they can't prove anything. Hell, Cheney even had a suspicious fire in his office.

Canada to Rewrite Manual US Criticized
The Associated PressSaturday, January 19, 2008; 5:07 PM

TORONTO -- Canada's foreign ministry said Saturday that it will rewrite a training manual used by Canadian diplomats that lists the United States as a site of possible torture following pressure from its closest ally.

I know you keep saying that history will prove you to be right long after you have died. That means that you know you will be reviled and hated for as long as you are alive. Of course, you have discounted the fact that your entire family will be pariahs as well.
It is going to be hard to have Rove rewrite your history because two nonprofit journalism organizations have recently compiled all of the false statements you and your toadies made on your run up to invading Iraq.

They even compiled a searchable database.

They found 935 false statements that you pedaled to the public to justify invading a sovereign country and bomb them back into the 12th century.

Study: Bush led U.S. to war on 'false pretenses'
Hundreds of false statements on WMDs, al-Qaida used to justify Iraq war

WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

It has been a remarkable January so far.

The American free market economy is proving to be just a theory without substance as America's economic fate is tied to stimulus packages and government bailouts.

Did you contradict the consensus of all your intelligence agencies about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program to provide Israel with the basis to start a war with Iran? Maybe that is the boost our economy really needs.

Canadian diplomats were warned about America's penchant for torturing suspects, and someone finally built a database to chronicle all of the lies you and your administration spread to justify your invasion of Iraq.

Whew, that is a hell of a list junior and it is still only January.

Date: January 24, 2008 9:53:37 PM CST

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