Lame speech from a lame president.

Mr. President,
Your lame State of the Union speech was a perfect match for your lame duck presidency, junior.

It was an anti-climatic strange hourlong rehash of recycled themes from your older speeches. And to make it even more bizarre, there is ample evidence that each so-called successful item you brought up has proven to be an outright failure.

Political analysts were amazed you would take such a lazy unthoughtful way to pull together your last SOTU speech.

Yes junior it was an embarrassing litany of oh so many failed initiatives

Anyone else would have been embarrassed to bring up so many failed initiatives, anyone else would have tried to bring hope to a nation, but we don't have just anyone as our president; we have you.

There was one good aspect to your speech. Bringing up so many of the failures which you enacted through innuendo, fear and outright falsehoods, it was actually cathartic to hear them all at once.

You took us down memory lane, and we reminisced about how many times you have politicized everything you have ever done.

I hope you didn't repeat the same old recycled material with hopes that you can get us to believe black is white, the surge is successful, and the economy is just fine. Because if you did failed.

The commentators were just giddy about how easy it was to judge just how forgettable a speech you had just given.

Anyone else who would have had exhibited that kind of bizarre behavior, would have been immediately medicated and shuttered into a quiet institution somewhere.

At least this State of the Union marks the last time we have to hear your deluded visions.

It was, however, an important milestone as the clock winds down to the end of the "dark times" in America.

Date: January 29, 2008 12:58:02 AM CST

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